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Our services provide the live footage of views from our cameras to TV channels, news portals and other media content creators. The stream can be embedded anywhere you desire and greatly supplement your content – be it news reports, interviews, travel-related content and any other content you can think of. This is especially relatable to the weather forecast segment since most of our webcams provide great views of current weather conditions. Using streams in news reports and various other TV segments is a unique opportunity to enhance the content with dynamic and eye-catching visuals either in the background or foreground. This is particularly useful if the segment for which you are using the stream mentions one of the places we are streaming. Above all, Using a stream adds a sense of presence to any post or TV broadcast and emphasizes the topic. One of the clients that we work with is the biggest TV channel in Latvia and its news program – LTV.

Live streams considerably improve any online news portal as well: it is much easier to include any live stream into the news article and weather forecast, while the positive reaction from users will be seen instantly and the increasing flow of new users will be just as rapid as the website’s popularity growth. Baltic Live Cam provides streams from numerous locations across the Baltic region to choose from, with more locations on the way, so the users from more and more places can become your new audience.

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