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Many hotels are situated in various locations, which often provide picturesque and enthralling views: squares, parks, beaches and much more. Installing the webcam on the hotel is a great new possibility to use these views and panoramas to attract new guests and increase the attractiveness and the image of the hotel. How will that work?

The live streams are extremely useful in and of themselves – the recorded footage can be used for watching the highlights of certain events or incidents and the live footage is the first-hand indicator of current weather condition and the environment around it, which attracts countless internet users every day.

As to the benefits for the hotel, thousands upon thousands of users will be opened to your hotel. The live stream on our website will be provided with a clickable hotel logo that will immediately redirect to the hotel’s website. The stream itself will be provided with the hotel description and opened to the BLC’s broad audience from all over the world: not only will it be seen by our general audience from the Baltic region, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea, but it will also be included on such networks as EarthCam, GoBefore.Me and numerous weather portals, such as WindGuru, which will allow people from all over the world to know about your hotel and choose it for the stay during their next trip. Of course, the live stream will be also included on the website of the hotel, which will be a significant addition to the whole content.

Furthermore, live stream is not restricted only to the usage on the internet – the signal will be compiled with the weather forecast and integrated into a special program for internal TV hotel usage in rooms, lobbies, receptions and restaurants.

Everything that is needed on the hotel’s behalf is to provide electricity and the internet connection, the Baltic Live Cam technical team will take everything from here!

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