San Martín Monument

Neuquén , Argentina
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San Martin Monument

This webcam submits Monumento al General San Martín, located in the center of Neuquen, Argentina. The live streamed Monument is a memorial to Argentine General José de San Martín. It is a bronze equestrian statue of the leader of Independence War of the Spanish Colonies, erected on a pedestal.

Monument of San Martin, shown in the online camera, was opened for the 50th anniversary of the city, on September 12, 1954. In 2014, a waterfall displayed online was added on the four sides of the monument, and a fountain was added below. At night, the monument to the general in the webcam is beautifully illuminated.

Due to the central location of the Monument to San Martin in this online camera, it serves as an excellent landmark, frequent meeting place and a venue for cultural events.


The city of Neuquén, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is the largest settlement in Argentine Patagonia, as well as the administrative center of the Department of Confluencia and the capital of the province of Neuquen. The port city in the live camera, founded in 1904, is located at the junction of two rivers, Río Neuquén and Río Limay. The part of Neuquena, located in the lowlands of the Limay River, is called “El Bajo” (Lower). The northern part of the city, lying in the plateau – “El Alto” (Upper). An iron road runs between the Lower and Upper parts of Neuquen.

Neuquen is 1200 km away from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

While not a tourist destination, Neuquen in a live stream rich in natural sights, attracting tourists planning a trip to the southern region of the province of the same name and San Martín de los Andes. Since dinosaur remains are constantly being discovered throughout Neuquen, the city has several themed museums of antiquity.

In the center of Neuquen, where the online camera is located, street performances are regularly held, especially on weekends. The oldest Spanish cinema in the city is located here. Near Central Park, by the Cathedral of St. Mary, Assistant to Christians (“Catedral Maria Auxiliadora“), there is the Craftsmen Square, where the Crafts Fair is held on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on public holidays.

An astronomical observatory is located in the northern area of ​​Neuquen, where the online broadcast is coming from, next to the Square of the Flags.

In summer, the most popular holiday destination in the city, the center of which is shown by a web camera, is the resort on the Limay River in the south of Neuquen. It is adjacent to island 132 with the ambitious and unique project “Walk of the Seaside”.

Of the historical monuments in the city, a special place is occupied by the monument to General San Martin, shown online. At Coronel Olascoaga, west of the Emilio Saraco Art Gallery, stands the Mother’s Monument, a gift to Neuquen from the district police as a token of gratitude to provincial mothers. Also among the important attractions is the monument to the Argentine soldiers who fell during the British-Argentine conflict.

In the center of Neuquen, which you can see on the live cam, there are various historical buildings, the Government Palace of 1929 occupies an important place among them. Its façade is decorated with a 1923 German clock. Also an interesting historical site is the former city railway station – an example of the architectural English style. The nearby Craftsmen Street has perfectly preserved its original historical appearance.

In front of the Provincial Government Palace there is la Plaza Roca, named after General Julio Argentino Roca, Argentinean statesman and politician.

Museums and galleries of Neuquen: the building of the Gregorio Alvarez Museum in Central Park, the branch of the National Museum of Art of Argentina, the Museum “Place of Confluence” in the eastern part of the Central Park, the Emilio Saraco art gallery, which is located between the Museum of Unification and the Museum of Gregorio Alvarez.

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