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Sendai , Japan
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Sendai station

There is live HD broadcast of the beautiful panoramic outside views of Sendai station in the Japanese city of Sendai. Nearby there are shopping center, hotels, tourist information center and much more.


Sendai, which panorama can be seen in  webcam is a city on the Japanese Honshu Island, the capital and administrative center of Miyagi Prefecture. In the east, Sendai online, washes the Pacific Ocean; in the west, stands the range of Ōu mountains.

The most popular attraction of Miyagi where there is live broadcast comes from, are the pine-covered Matsushima Islands, one of the most beautiful Japanese landscapes. Among these islands there are Amanohashidate sandbar spit in Kyoto Prefecture and Miyajima Island in Hiroshima.

In the city of Sendai, which center you see in online webcam, there are several ancient temples. The most famous of them is the Rinnō-ji temple, the family temple of the Date Masamune (founder of the cit) clan.

The Zuihoden mausoleum is the most popular historical landmark od Sendai in web camera. This is a memorial complex with the tomb of Date Masamune and his descendants. Near, there is Seiryuzan Zuigan-ji temple. Another famous temple is Osaki Hatimangu, built in the honor of the god of war Hachiman.

If you are a fan of cultural attractions, take a look at the museum in Aoba Castle with an excellent viewing platform on the beautiful Sindai in the live camera.

The most modern structure of Sindai you see on air, is the Sendai Media Library in a giant parallelepiped shape.

At a short distance from Sendai with live stream cam, there is the Izumi Kogen Spring Valley ski resort with varying difficulty slopes for skiers and snowboarders. Another ski resort is Yamagata Zao Oncen.

In Japan, there is a folk festival with parades and fireworks – Tanabata. Is held in all Japanese cities on July 7th. But in the city of Sendai it takes place in August.


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In the city of Sendai with the webcam, there is a moderate, humid and subtropical climate. Summer is hot, with temperature + 30 ° C. Typhoons are rare here. In the period from June to July – there is a rainy season. In winter it is dry and cool with an average temperature of -1.5 ° C.

Weather forecast in Sendai for 7 days is available on our website online.