Panevėžys – view from Romantic Hotel

Panevėžys , Lithuania
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As it is one of the biggest and economically developed cities of Lithuania, Panevezys you see in web camera, is the kind of city that one definitely needs to visit while traveling through the Baltic States. The city is home to a huge number of architectural monuments and historical values, which will be interesting to everyone.


The city of Panevezys showed online, which was founded in 1503, is on a par with other Baltic cities in terms of its uniqueness. The deal is that until the official city’s recognition, the settlement that was there used to be Europe’s last place of paganism practice. This fact is duly remarkable, especially considering the fact that the whole Lithuania had been baptized more than 200 years before that.

In the more recent time period, Panevezys in the live camera, had played a significant role in Lithuania’s self-determination. In 1863-1864, Panevezys demonstrated in live stream, was one of the last fighting grounds of Polish and Lithuanian officers who revolted against the Russian Empire, during the November and January uprising. A lot of changes happened towards the end of the 21st century, during the industrial revolution. The economic and cultural development of the city had allowed Panevezys in the live footage, to rise to become one of the most important cities of the region. City citizens are also proud of the first printing-house of Lithuania that was situated here, as well as the oldest working bookstore in the country, which is still active to this day from 1905.

All this historical and cultural variety has surely left its mark on a modern view of the city. It’s enough just to take a look at the bayou of the Neman river’s affluent – Nevezys, which can be seen on the live stream. Surrounding the river is a small park with different sculptures and compositions. One of them is the monument to the city’s founder – King of Poland and the Great Duke of Lithuania Alexander. Although most of the architectural monuments are obscured by the trees foliage, one of them is ascending above the Panevezys online. The red bricked towers of St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral are seen on the left, perfectly adding to the picturesque panorama of the city.

Business Opportunities

Panevezys with this webcam, is not only the cultural and historical legacy. Due to the international highway “Via Baltica” and the city being situated right between the two Baltic capitals: Riga and Vilnius, which gives a great opportunity for business development. Because of this, local authorities had established the Panevezys Free Economic Zone. It was done to lower the taxes for the investors and increase the popularity of Panevezys as Lithuanian’s economic center.

Panevezys in the webcam is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant cities of Lithuania. Unique history, picturesque views, and economically profitable placement make this city an irreplaceable destination for any history lover, adventurer and entrepreneur from both Lithuania and abroad.

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