Kaunas city view

Kaunas , Lithuania
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In this webcam, you are given the opportunity to see the Old Town, Kaunas Town Hall and the Vytautas the Great Bridge over the Neman River.

Kaunas, where the live broadcast is coming from, is the second largest and most important city in Lithuania. It was founded in 1280 at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers: Nemunas (Neman) and Neris.

Until the 15th century, Kaunas, shown in the online camera, was the center of resistance to the Teutonic Order and the western outpost of the state. The strategic position of the city on the webcam was the reason for the frequent attacks on it.

Modern Kaunas, whose center you see in real time, is a vibrant youth city with picturesque architecture and great museums.

Interesting city attractions are: Kaunas Castle in the Gothic style and House of Perkūnas. The Palace of the princes Masalsky belongs to the Renaissance era. The Baroque style is demonstrated by the Pažaislis Monastery, the City Hall visible on the webcam and the Jesuit Church.

Kaunas online, is a cultural city that has presented the country with famous Lithuanian artists, composers and writers. Their works can be viewed in museums and galleries, including the Mykolas Žilinskas gallery and the Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum.

Kaunas Old Town, visible in the background of the online live stream, contains many interesting historical sites. It’s nice to just walk along the old streets of the city, and especially along the main one – the 1.5-kilometer Laisvės Alėja with souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

There are many excellent beaches in the vicinity of Kaunas in the webcam: near the Neman River, on the Lampedziai Lake and on the Kaunas reservoir. So Panemunes Park Beach is located near the Neman, in the territory of the Panemune Park. Lampedžiai Lake Beach can be found in the west of Kaunas by a small lake next to Lampedziai Park. The beach area Kaunas Reservoir Beach is located near Pazaislis, at the temple and monastery ensemble. The beach near the reservoir will delight you with the purest fresh water. The reservoir was created artificially on the Neman between Kaunas and Rumsiskės.


Kaunas, where there is live broadcast comes from, has a temperate continental climate. The most favorable time for a trip to the city is from the beginning of May to August. The hottest month is July, when the air warms up to +25 C. The season with the highest rainfall begins in autumn. Winter is usually cold and cloudy. Weather forecast in Kaunas for 7 days is available on the website online.

Baltic Live Cam shows several cam online scenes across Lithuania. The Vilnius Cathedral Square is equally as beautiful as the Kaunas Town Hall Square that is shown from the camera online above. Indeed, webcam Kaunas also shows the stunning St Michael the Archangel Cathedral as well as an impressive view of the Neman River.