Al-Haram Mosque

Mecca , Saudi Arabia
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Al-Haram Mosque

There is a unique live broadcast of the most important and largest shrines of the Islamic world – the al-Haram mosque in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The al-Haram mosque in webcam has also other names: Masjid al-Haram, Great Mosque, Forbidden Mosque and Sacred Mosque.

The status of the Islamic world main shrine the al-Haram mosque online, got due to the fact the sacred Kaaba is located in its courtyard. The Granite Kaaba, which is also clearly visible in  online webcam, is a cube placed on a marble base. The shrine corners look to the side of the world: the southern – Yemeni, the northern – Iraqi, the western – Levantine and the eastern – stone.

The main element of the Kaaba in web camera, is the Black Stone, embedded in the eastern corner at a height of 1.5 m. Believers always tend to touch the black stone online. According to the ancient legend, in the past, the Black Stone had a white color, but over the years it acquired a black color, having absorbed human sins. By the scriptures, the Prophet Mohammed touched the stone with his cane and the stone became sacred.

The al-Haram mosque, which you can see in webcam, gained fame in the middle of the 16th century, but the first mosque around the Kaaba was built in the 7th century.

Over the entire period of its existence, the mosque in the live camera, was rebuilt several times. Initially, al-Haram online, had 6 minarets, but when 9 minarets were also erected in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, the imam of Mecca took it for blasphemy, and, by the will of Ahmed I, built the 7th minaret.

In an effort to win the world largest mosque title, al-Haram in live broadcast, was reconstructed many times. By the end of the 1980s, a large corps with two minarets was attached to the southwestern side at the location of the modern central entrance – King Fahd Gate. The construction area was increased to 357 000 sq. km.

After this renovation al-Haram you see in online footage, and its whole territory with the roof, was able to accommodate up to 800,000 pilgrims. Now, the perimeter of the mosque is decorated with 9 minarets, and there is largest tower complex in the world – Abraj Al-Bait, located close to the corner of the mosque.

Later, the al-Haram mosque in live broadcast was reconstructed already in the 21st century by the order of the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud . The territory was increased in the north direction to 400 000 sq.m.

Today, al-Haram showed in web camera, can accommodate up to 1.12 million believers, and with adjoining territories up to 2.5 million! In addition to the 9 minarets mentioned above, there is the King Abdullah Gate appeared.

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The climate of Mecca, where the live stream comes from, is one of the hottest in the world. The average temperature of the year is + 30.7С. In winter, the temperature does not fall below + 10C, and in summer it is +45 … + 48C. There is also a strong heat when the thermometer reaches more than + 50C.  Because of the unbearable heat, it is better to come to Mecca in May or September. Weather forecast in Mecca for 7 days is available on our website online.