Oldmeldrum town view

Oldmeldrum , Scotland
stream provided by redgarth
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With this live broadcast in Oldmeldrum, you can see the picturesque Bennachie Hills as well as the typical local houses. The webcam also shows Oxen Craig, the tallest mound in the Bennachie Hills, towering over 500 meters into the sky.

The live streaming town of Oldmeldrum is located on am upland about 8 km northeast of Inverurie, and about 27 km northwest of Aiberdeen, on the main road to Banff.

Oldmeldrum, shown on the webcam, is a very old city. It is known that the army of John Comyn, 3rd Earl of Buchan, was stationed there on Christmas Day 1307, shortly before their defeat by Robert the Bruce at the nearby Battle of Barra, also sometimes known as the Battle of Inveruri.

Oldmeldrum, where the webcam is located, gained city status in 1672 and became the main market center for medieval Garioch rule until it was supplanted in this role by Inveruri in the 1800s. By that time, the city had become an important center for the production of hosiery.

Today, the most obvious ancient status of the city in live camera, is the Morris’s Hotel, located just off the main square. A sign on the outside indicates that it opened in 1673. On the front wall of the hotel there are plaques with the names of some famous people associated with it in ancient times.

Oldmeldrum itself, which view is shown by a webcam online, is built mainly of an impressive gray stone, which gives it a peculiar character. On a clear sunny day, it is attractively charming, on a rainy cloudy day – dark, inhospitable and withdrawn

In the center of Oldmeldrum, which is streamed live, is an open-air plaza right in front of the imposing and very attractive Town Hall, built in 1877. Around this main square there is a collection of antique shops, as well as an unusual petrol station reminiscent of the days when patrolmen rode sidecars and motorcycles.

The streets, which form much of the rest of Oldmeldrum, are narrowing away from the central square. This clearly demonstrates that the growth of the city on the web camera was organic and not planned.

On the north side of Oldmeldrum, which you can see on this webcam online, is the 1797 Glen Garioch distillery (pronounced “Glen Geery”). It was built from the same gray stone as the rest of the city. Its building includes: a four-story malt barn, two pagodas, a quiet house at the end of a passing street, and a visitor center.

To the north of the city in this live stream there is Meldrum House, now a hotel and golf club. It is known Meldrum family have built a castle here around 1236. Over time, it was transformed into a larger castle and then into a mansion. As people say, the longest-standing resident of Meldrum House is the ghost of the Lady in Green.

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