Subotica city center

Subotica , Serbia
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Subotica city center

There is the center of the most northern Serbian city of Subotica in live webcam. Interesting fact is more than half the population of the city of Subotica in live stream speaks Hungarian. There is an explanation of this phenomenon. The city of Subotica online, divided from the Hungarian border with a narrow 10-km strip of the Serbian territory included the city of Subotica with web camera. In the past, this territory was the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire influence is still preserved in the appearance of the town hall and the buildings of the city center of Subotica in live broadcast. Even the name of the city of Subotica appeared recently. Earlier the city bore the name of Szabadka.

There are several historical and cultural sights of Subotica, which center is perfectly visible in web camera: The main square and the Old Town Hall with the Historical Museum, Municipal Museum, Art Gallery in the Lenin Park, the Subotica Episcopate, the Gothic Cathedral of St. George, the Gradska-Kucha Complex, Raichle Palace. In addition, there are Franciscan monastery with the oldest Catholic Church in Serbia, located on Kara-Jovana square, is very interesting. Visit the oldest National Theater (Narodno-Kazaliste), the synagogue, the magnificent lake area of Palic city.

There are some information about Palic lake area. The small town of Palic is located at the distance of 6 km from Subotica with online broadcast. Palic is popular for the health tourists. There is still felt the spirit of the Austria-Hungary province, where there are no high buildings and other signs of a new time.

The healing waters of Palic are known since the 19th century. Under the supervision of the doctors of Subotica online, in 1837 there were dug out several lakes. A bit later, there was appeared a hotel complex here. The healing water in the lake warms up to 25C.

Gourmets are advised to get acquainted with the traditional cuisine of Subotica in this web camera. Worth to visit such restaurants as Gostiona Gurinovic, Bates, Majkin Salas, Jelen Salas, Vinski Dvor, Riblja Carda. Taste the local bitter herbal tincure “Bitter leaf” – good for digestion.

The best Serbian sweets are sold in the confectionery “Ravel”.

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The climate in Subotica, where the live stream comes from, is temperate continental. Summer is hot, the winter is snowy and mild. In July, the air temperature is about +23 … + 25 C, it is often hot, above +30 C. In winter there is no strong frost, the approximate temperature is -2 … -5 C. The most favorable month for the trip to Subotica is September. At this time it is still quite warm here, and also there are the fruits and vegetables abundance at the local markets. Weather forecast in Subotica for 7 days is available on our website online.