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Cres , Croatia
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Kovačine beach

Beautiful beach “Kovacine” in this live broadcast is a popular holiday destination for tourists coming to the Cres island.  There is the one of the most famous campings on the island “Kovacine” camp. The  Kovačine beach in the webcam has a soft sand and gentle descent enter to the water, what is especially appreciated by families with children. If you want, you can dive here or rent a catamaran.


Cres Island, which “Kovacine” beach is perfectly visible in  online webcam, is located in the north of Croatia in the Kvarner Gulf of Adriatic Sea. Cres, like the famous Krk island are the largest in Croatia. It has a ferry crossing with the Istria peninsula and the Krk island,  also is connected by a bridge to the Lošinj island. Cres is a long island stretching for 66 kilometers. The Mount Gorice with 648 m high is the highest point of  Cres.

On the Cres island with the live broadcast, there is a city with the same name – Cres and other settlements of Merag and Osor. Cres online, is the largest and richest city on the island of Cres. Its interesting to see the Triple Gate, located at the entrance to the Old Town, the  Arsan Patrice palace of the 15th century, the Benedictine and Franciscan monasteries. The building of the city council, built in the 16th century, is also interesting. Now  the Lapidarium Museum is open here, demonstrating the ancient Roman culture exemplarы and the Glagolitic monument –  Valun tablet.

Besides the largest city of Cres on the Cres island in the web camera, there are the ancient Lubenice village, located on a rock 400 m height above sea level. The city is proud of the St. Anthony church, built in the 15th century, located on the city square. 

The town of Osor is also interesting point for guests of the island of Cres you see in live camera. There is a bishop’s palace and a 15th-century church on its central square. Every year, in Osore, there is a classical music festival.

There is a natural attraction on the Cres island – the fresh-water Vransko Lake.

All the beach areas of the island are small, beautiful and picturesque. Most of the beaches of Cres Island are sandy, with smooth descents into the water like Kovacine beach in nline webcam. But also there are pebbly beaches, for example, at the Camp Slatina in Martinšćica, in the area of Valun and Sveti Ivan in Lubenice. For a romantic pastime, the Beli beach is perfect. Especially nice on the Cres island is a beach located at the Kimen hotel, with rocky and pebbled areas.

The nightlife fans will have a good time at the Timun Bar and Stala Disco Club. And excellent beach parties are held on the St. Blazh beach.

Outdoor activities fans will find here everything: swimming, sailing, fishing, diving, windsurfing, boating and water biking. On the land, they can play football, tennis, volleyball, basketball or golf.

In August, on the Cres island with this live stream, there are the Summer Carnival, many concerts and performances. You will get a great impression in excursion to the Eagle’s Nest in the city of Lubenice and the wonderful Lubenitsky evenings.

It is worth to go to the mysterious Blue Cave and Žanja cove, visit the ornithological reservation where you can admire such a rare bird as the Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus).

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The climate on the Cres island in webcam is Mediterranean. In summer, the average temperature is 22 ° C, and the water temperature in the sea rises to 25 ° C. Winter, thanks to the sea, is mild. The average annual temperature is 14.4 ° C.

Weather forecast on Cres island for 7 days is available on our website online.