Hvar Port

Hvar , Croatia

Port of Hvar and the Franciscan Monastery

Webcam online stream is directed to the picturesque sea harbor - a quiet and cozy bay Križ in the town of Hvar in beautiful Croatia. The panorama shows the territory just a couple of steps from the main promenade and perfectly demonstrates the Franciscan monastery of the 15th century. There is a collection of old books and coins, very valuable documents from archives, various naval maps and other entertaining historical artifacts in its rooms. The most unusual exhibit is the Ptolemy's book Geography, published in 1524. The Franciscan monastery on our live stream camera has a picture gallery rich with various artists works. The most important of the presented paintings - "The Last Supper" of the famous Venetian artist Palma il Vecchio.

On the monastery territory there is a Virgin Mary church, perfectly visible on our online camera. The image of Madonna with the baby inlaid with precious stones adorns the portal.

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Tourists are very fond of visiting the famous Renaissance gallery of the monastery. In addition to historical and cultural beauties, cypress, growing in the monastery yard deserves special attention. There is an opinion that the age of this "old man" exceeds 300 years.


Hvar Island

Hvar, where our live stream camera is located, is considered the sunniest and the longest island of the Adriatic. A large number of attractions, small cozy medieval towns, beautiful nature and favorable warm and mild climate make it an excellent place for a vacation. Lavender, grown here in huge quantities, is a real symbol of the island and the most popular souvenir. In May-June, lavender blossoms gently with purple flowers, therefore the best time to come here is this time of year. Also there are not so many tourists around.

The island has a numerous bays, one of them you can see on our live stream camera. The unique nature with dense subtropical vegetation make the island of Hvar one of the most attractive places for tourism.

There is almost no public transport on the island. It is popular to rent a car or a moped.


Hvar Town

The largest city on the island and its capital also bears the name Hvar. It is an important in European culture ancient city, included in the list of historic Mediterranean cities by the UN. The center of the city is the Cathedral of St. Stephen (16th century). Later, a bell tower was added to it, revealing a wonderful view not only to the city and the island, but also to neighboring islands.

Another interesting and panoramic place is the fortress on the picturesque hill of Sveti Nikola. You can also admire the beauty of Hvar from the height of the clock tower.

Close to Hvar there are Adovo islands. Their unusual name they received in ancient times. Then, here resin was used to impregnate the ships. But in our time the place, with such an awesome name - the world famous nudist resort.


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The climate of Hvar is subtropical with a fairly warm winter and a moderately warm and very cool summer. Hvar is the sunniest place in the entire Adriatic. The most comfortable water temperature in the sea in August is 24C.

The weather forecast in Hvar for 7 days is available on our website online.