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Jeju , South Korea
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Samyang Beach

In the webcam there is Samyang Black Sand Beach, which appeared as a result of the action of a volcano on Jeju Island. The coast shown online is practically unexplored by tourists, but those who prefer Samyang Black Sand Beach have heard about its healing properties.

As you can see in the live stream, the sand on the beach has an unusual black color with sparkling silver dots in the sun. It is known that such sand is able to have a therapeutic effect on neuralgia, arthritis, dermatitis, obesity and circulatory problems, as it contains a lot of iron.


The city of Jeju, where the online broadcast comes from, is the administrative center of the province of the same name in the Republic of Korea. It is located on the northern coast of Jeju Island, also Jejudo. The archipelago itself is located 60 km from the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula, at the junction of three seas – the Yellow, Japan and East China.

Administratively, the territory of Jeju, whose coast you see in the web camera, is divided into two halves: the northern part belongs to the city of Jeju in the live camera, the southern one belongs to Seogwipo. Simply put, Jeju is half of Jeju.

On the island itself, where the live broadcast is conducted from, there are many natural attractions. And in the city, travelers walk through luxurious parks, relax on beautiful beaches, visit museums, temples, while staying in comfortable hotels and having lunch in excellent restaurants.

Live streamed resort is very popular with Koreans, Japanese and Chinese

What to do in Jeju?

– Take a walk through the Hallim Park in the west of the center of Jeju in the online webcam. This is a large nature reserve, divided into several zones: palm and water parks, a collection of succulents, a rock garden and a mineral museum, a feathered garden, a greenhouse, a botanical garden, caves and a waterfall.

– Visit the “Spirited Garden”, a huge outdoor bonsai garden. In addition, pines, pears, quince, camellias, maples and other plants grow on its territory. In total, there are more than 100 tree species and more than 2,000 compositions from them.

– Take a look at the main temple of the city – Samseonghyeol, a sacred place on the territory of which there are three depressions. According to legend, three demigods – Ko, Bu and Yang – descended from heaven to earth, firing three arrows in different directions, dividing the island among themselves. Three virgins emerged from the waters of the sea, together with the demigods, laid the foundation for the three clans of Jeju.

– Buy a Dol Hareubang, or rather, a small copy of it. Unusual stone sculptures with an eternal smile on their faces are the symbol of the island where this webcam is located. They come across at every step, at every house. It is generally accepted that Dol Hareubang is able to bring good luck and protects from adversity.

– Taste the local cuisine. The “signature” dish of Jeju in the online camera is “black pork”, i.e., the meat of black pigs. Still, most of the local cuisine is connected with the sea: dried squid, soups (“obunchjagi-ttukpegi”, “kalchi-guk”, “songye-guk”, “mom-guk”), fried fish (“oktom-kwi”, “ynkalchi-kwi”), raw fish, octopuses and much more.

– Walk along the “paths of love.” In Jeju, where the webcam online is located, there is one popular place – Love Park. This is an exhibition of figures on an erotic theme.



The climate in Jeju, demonstrated in the online camera, is milder and warmer than in mainland Korea. In winter, from +8 C to +10 C during the day, at night – 2-3 C colder. Summer is hot and humid. The warmest months are July, August and September. The beach season lasts from June to mid-October.

Weather forecast in Jeju for 7 days is available on our website online.

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