Veszprém panorama

Veszprém , Ungarn
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The Hungarian city of Veszprém in our webcam online is considered one as the the oldest cities in the country. It is located in a picturesque place surrounded by natural beauty with the hilly banks of the Shed River. Veszprém has a very comfortable location: from Lake Balaton it is 15 km away, and with the capital of Hungary – Budapest it is connected by highway and railroad.

The city, which beautiful panorama you see in our live stream, is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary since the Middle Ages. Especially beautiful is the so-called „openwork bridge“, which is considered as a symbol of the city. If you wish to observe Veszprém from a very height – need to climb to the Fire Tower observation platform.

Many medieval attractions have preserved in the city in our webcam. The most famous of them are located on the Castle Hill. Nearby is the town hall of the 19th century with the name of Ferenc Rakoczi. Episcopal palace in Baroque style is another interesting attraction. In the front part of palace there is the coat of arms of the bishop. Near the palace is the chapel of Queen Gizella. Very popular to visit is the famous cathedral, where all the rulers of Hungary were crowned – the church of St. Michael. In front of this church it is Queen Gizella Museum with various items of church bishop’s utensils of the 15 – 20th centuries. To the north of the cathedral there is the chapel of Szent György – the most ancient cult building in Hungary.

Sculpture of the famous rulers of Hungary – Queen Gizella and King Istvan I crowned the Castle Hill. There is also an observation deck with a magnificent view of the Var valley, where the city of Veszprém, orange with the tiled roofs, is located.

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The climate of Veszprém is temperate with significant precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 9.9 C.

Weather in Veszprém for 7 days is available on our website online.