Sivas panorama

Sivas , Türkei

Sivas Panorama

The Turkish city of Sivas, whose panorama is perfectly demonstrated by our webcam online - the second largest city after Konya, where we also have our live stream camera.
The city, located far from the sea, is attractive for its historical and cultural heritage: ancient monuments of architecture, bridges, and castles. Tourists like to visit the 13th-century Guduk Minaret, the Archaeological Museum, the 13th century Central Mosque of Divriği (UNESCO World Heritage) and many other monuments of ancient Sivas.

Over 2000 years of the history, Sivas with our live cam, has many buildings which have survived till the present times. Many mosques and madrasahs. The Great Silk Road passed through Sivas in our web camera. There are a beautiful nature and therapeutic thermal springs. Town is famous with the gorgeous carpets and have excellent shopping opportunities.

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The climate in Sivas is continental. Summer is warm and dry with an average temperature of +24 ... + 26 C, and winter is cold and snowy -1 ...- 4. Precipitation most falls in April and May. The best time to visit Sivas is from May to November.

Weather forecast in Sivas for 7 days is available on our website online.