Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i camera review

After several successful years of operation of IP cameras by our project, we would like to share our experiences and the results of using the cameras. Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i review We are not going to speak about the use of the cameras in the field of protection. Instead, we would like to tell about the experience of live broadcasts – broadcasts under various conditions and lighting for unlimited audience of concurrent users. Hikvision ds-2cd2032- i


First of all, let us define the advantages of IP cameras.

IP is a camera that accepts a video signal and encodes it into a digital form that can be trasmitted and relayed by any modern computer. The main convenience of the camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i lies in its unique IP address. That is, if you can connect the camera to the Internet and enter its address, you will be able to access it even from your cell phone. For this purpose, you will need to use a special service. We, for example, suggest using our current servers and our configured cameras Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i which — if connected to the network and the Internet — will automatically give you a signal no matter where you are. All you need is a reliable internet connection. For an IP camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i, you do not need a permanent computer since the camera is itself a mini computer.

Now that you got a general understanding of an IP camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i, we can proceed to the analysis of its best individual features.

When choosing an IP camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i, you should take into account the following parameters:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Resolution
  3. Availability of progressive scan
  4. Easy installation and commutation
  5. Reliable operation
  6. Value for money.


For an IP camera, the most important thing that determines its sensitivity is the sensor. Today, the market offers two types of sensors: CMOS and CCD. However, when we speak about megapixel cameras, it should be noted that 95% of the cameras have a CMOS sensor, while only 5% 1-2 megapixel cameras operate on the basis of a CCD sensor. This is due to the high cost of a CCD sensor for cameras above 2 Mpix (about three times) and it has to do with WDR.

WDR is a parameter that determines how well you can distinguish between the dark and light areas of an image simultaneously. What does this mean? If you can see either outside or inside at the level of the dynamic range of 70-80 dB, at the level of 120-130 dB you will see perfectly both outside and inside. It is the IP cameras with a range of above 100 dB that are marked by the parameter of WDR.

Another parameter of an IP camera that I would like to pay special attention to is its frame rate. Unlike analog video cameras the frame rate of which is determined by the standard (25 frames or 50 fields for PAL), the frame rate of an IP camera is determined based on its characteristics. Very often, you may get confused as the manufacturer or the seller may have written the maximum resolution and «up to» XX frames per second. And here we have to face the fact that at the highest resolution (as the first parameter by which you select an IP camera) it will report a lower frame rate.

Throughout our work experience, we have used a large number of IP cameras and we have eventually chosen the cameras by Hikvision Company – a manufacturer offerring the widest range of cameras with parameters that meet all the above mentioned parameters. We have made sure that for six years by the volume of sales and capitalization HIKVISION Company has deservedly been the world’s number one among other companies that produce security systems. The fact that the company’s shareholder is the Government of the People’s Republic of China explains the reason for the company’s friendly price policy.

So, let’s take today’s most used and inexpensive camera for a more detailed analysis – Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i 

Everyone always is talking about getting the best value for your money. With Hikvision you will
never have to think twice about that. When buying Hikvision you know you’re getting a product from not just
one of the top ranked security camera manufacturers, but a Forbes Global 2000 ranked company. Hikvision
has been in the security camera playing field since 2001 and has been ranked in the top 5 security camera
manufacturers. Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance solutions. From its inception in
2001, Hikvision has played an active role in the evolving video surveillance market, devoting eight percent of
its annual revenue into research and development for continued product innovation. Featuring the industry’s
strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision designs, develops, and manufactures innovative standard- and
high-definition cameras, including a variety of Smart IP recorders and cameras with infrared, wide dynamic
range, facial detection, object counting, and intrusion detection capabilities. Easily meeting all bandwidth
and storage utilization requirements, Hikvision’s Smart IP Camera Series offers unparalleled image quality
and customer convenience. Additionally, Hikvision’s Smart PTZ cameras incorporate proprietary image
signal processing technology and use progressive scan sensors to deliver true color representation and
clear images of fast-moving objects. Hikvision’s offerings in the analog camera market include box, bullet,
dome, and turret analog cameras with vandal-resistant properties. TurboHD cameras from Hikvision are
supported by HD-TVI, the latest in high-definition analog technology, and are ideal for analog-to-digital
migration using existing infrastructure.



If your looking into small form factor bullet cameras the Hikvision DS-2CD2032 mini bullet comes
with a robust list of features. 1080p HD video, Infrared Illuminators (up to 30 meters), Wide Dynamic Range,
Digital Noise Reduction, Day and Night Switching and many more features packed into this little camera.
Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i RevieThe Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i comes with many features worth mentioning

but the one that stands

out is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). The camera will be able to see images with variable lighting such as a

dimly lit room with the sun coming in the window. Most cameras will not be able to focus on the light and
dark portion of the image it will have to choose one and the image is either over or under exposed. Another
feature of the DS-2CD2032-i 3MP worth bringing to light is the Smart Infrared. Most camera manufacturers
only put their IR on full blast once the conditions are met but with the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i 3MP the
infrared is turned down to to account for distance, making sure to not white out the image when the subject
gets close to the camera. The Hikvision DS 2CD2032 is not only an outdoor rated camera but it comes with
a IP66 rating. That makes the Hikvision DS 2CD2032 i dust proof and able to withstand 300 litres of water
blasted at it for 3 minutes with no ill effects. Thus making it the perfect camera for Car Washes, Ocean Side
businesses and other places that are subjected to lots of water. Another feature of the DS 2CD2032 i

 Hikvision is its Day/Night Switching. This feature makes the DS-2CD2032 a great camera for your night time
monitoring needs by changing to a black and white image and flipping on that Smart Infrared feature to get
the clearest shot no matter what distance the subject is(within IR range). The Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i 3mp
comes with different lens options to ensure the most favored shot, these options are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,
12mm and 16mm. The most common uses for these powerful little mini bullets would be the DS-2CD2032-i
4mm lens pulling in perfect image at about 3 meters away with a 70 degree angle of view as for the 12mm
lens pulling in a shot at about 20-35 meters away with an 23.2 degree angle of view. The DS-2CD2032-i
Hikvision is a fully compatible with Power Over Ethernet standards. You can easily add the camera to your
existing NVR or POE switch. The DS-2CD2032-i comes with an optional power brick to supply the camera
with power for standalone installation. The one source of installers frustrations come from menus that are
not set up in the smartest of manner. The Hikvision DS-2CD2032-i 3mp menus are set up in an intuitive
manner and are very easy to play with and adjust for the best picture quality. Make sure that you turn on the
Smart IR to maximize your night time shots!

This camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032  has a high resolution of 3 megapixels. It is compact and very reliable. The operation meets IP66, which is an indicator of the camera’s good dust and moisture protection. This allows us to use the IP camera in the street.

DS-2CD2032 is equipped with a sensor of 1/3 ”Progressive scan CMOS. The sensitivity of the camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i  is 0,07Lux F1,2; AGC ON.

This IP camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i comes in two versions staffed with lenses with a focal length of 4 mm  or 6 mm respectively.


Below are the things to know when setting up the camera. It can record in the mode of

  1. 2048х1536 (3Мpix) – the viewing angles are 70 and 40 degrees respectively Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i 
  2. 1920х1080 (2Мpix) – the viewing angles are 79 and 49 degrees respectively.

If needed, it can be compressed up to 1280х720, which will correspond to 1 Mpix at 30 frames per second.

The video compression is done in the Н.264/MJPEG format with a bitrate ranging from 32Kb/s to 12Мb/s.

The adjustment of brightness, saturation and contrast is done through a custom software or web interface.

The IP camera Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I  has a built-in IR illumination with a range of up to 30m, which ensures a clear image when working in the dark or in low lighting. The switch between day/night modes is done by a mechanical IR cut filter.

The built-in camera processor provides with backlight compensation 3D DNR, DWDR and BLC, and supports dual stream, which can be important for networks with limited bandwidth. The main stream serves for viewing and recording, while the extra one is for viewing on mobile devices and in video services in a multi-screen mode.

When using an IP camera Hikvision   price in a video surveillance mode, the software of the DS-2CD2032-I camera is able to carry out testing of an alarm scenario in cases like:

  1. Video loss
  2. Disconnection of the data network
  3. Replacement of the video
  4. Motion detector
  5. Storage control.

To power the camera, you can use the standard network adapter DC 12V or PoE technology.

The camera Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i can supply almost all popular network protocols with the appropriate functionality, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP, RTSP, PPPoE, SMTP, NTP, HTTPS, FTP, 802.1X, QoS, IGMP, SNTP, UPnP, IPv6, Bonjour.

This Hikvision ds -2cd2032-i camera supports WiFi. (-W)

Network interface – 1 RJ45 10M/100 M Ethernet.

This IP camera can be used at temperatures ranging from -30 to 60 degrees.

Dimensions – Ø62х158,9.

Weight – 500 g.

The IP camera is equipped with a watertight connector. The aiming of the Hikvision camera is very simple. There is a collar that goes along the base. You just need to loosen the collar, turn the camera to the desired position and then tighten the collar again. No additional tools are required. 

There are two possible options for the installation and configuration of this IP camera. 

The first option is as follows. You need to take the camera, secure it, connect to the Internet and enter the address by yourself. The IP address is installed by default but it can be changed with the help of a tool called SADP.


Once you turn on the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I IP camera and access it through a browser, you will be offered to answer a variety of questions. By replying these questions and filling in the required lines, you will be able to set up the camera and its functions. In addition, the company Hikvision Digital Technology has recently released a cloud service called Ezviz. This service is designed for private use. This service can be used even by someone who has no knowledge in the field of Stream video. 

EZVIZ allows the user to conduct video surveillance using Hikvision IP cameras from anywhere in the world. Also, with this cloud service you can conduct security monitoring of various facilities and watch, for example, your own children, pets and elderly parents. Besides, EZVIZ enables two-way audio communication. The main advantage of the cloud platform EZVIZ is its simple handy service requiring little effort and skills for getting access to it.


Once the user had to set up a port on the router and determine a static IP address, as well as register a dynamic domain name and perform other actions, which was too complicated for an average user and took a lot of time. Now, in order to start using the cloud service by HIKVISION you simply need to take three steps: register in the website, add equipment to your account and view the video. Another important advantage of the EZVIZ platform is its high-level security. By selecting it, the user will not have to worry about unauthorized access and numerous network attacks. However, the main advantage of the EZVIZ platform is undoubtedly the possibility of free use and video review through a regular computer or a smartphone. All of the above matters only in case of private viewing of images from the IP camera.

If you wish to share the beauty of a landscape or a process captured by your IP camera with your numerous friends, or the whole world by publishing it on your page on the Internet, you would need additional services and computer capacities. This is where we can help you. This is exactly the second described way of running your IP camera. If you have no wish to bother yourself with setting up the camera, we suggest that you buy our ready-configured equipment sets from Hikvision. Or, we can configure the equipment you have already purchased.


Final Analysis
With all of these features packed into a camera that fits in the palm of your hand it’s well worth the
price of ~$150 USD. Another great part of your value when you purchase this camera is the software options
that come with the camera. The package ships with Hikvision’s IVMS Computer NVR disk included. This is a
robust software package that lets you use your own hardware to store your recordings and comes with
features like Live View, Recorded playback Pan Tilt Zoom(PTZ) Controls, Video Wall and more. But this
does require more in depth knowledge of the software to configure. But as this is not a Hikvision NVR
review, let’s get back to the camera. The other great option for installers use would be the mobile app that
lets you easily adjust the position of the camera while you view the shot on your mobile device. As you can
see the DS-2CD2032-i is the perfect camera for many different uses with its plethora of features all for the
price of ~150$ USD it is a hard one to rank above it in value.



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