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The live broadcast from Arrecife – the capital of the Lanzarote Island. The port city is closest to the African continent of all Canary ports. The capital is the most populous city in Lanzarote and not tourist at all.

Despite the unpopularity among the guests of the island in Arrecife on webcam online there are attractions too: the 16th century Castle of San Gabriel, where a small Archaeological Museum is opened. The symbol of the city is Puente de las Bolas Bridge. To the East there is the 18th century fortress San Jose, built by king Carlos III to protect against pirates. The Museum of Modern Art is opened here now. There is the best beach in the entire archipelago – El Reducto.

On the whole island of Lanzarote online, there is a building construction concept: there are no tall buildings here. The only exception to this rule is the five-star Arrecife Gran Hotel.

The remains of the British cargo ship Temple Hall is an unusual sight of Arrecife. On October 31, 1981, the ship was damaged and towed away, standing now for the delight of photographers and tourists.

The historical part of the city of Arrecife in the web camera, is located around the Charco de San Ginés lagoon, rich in its picturesque small houses and fishermen’s boats. In the city there is the main church – Iglesia de San Ginés (1665).

Here is the famous pedestrian street – Leon y Castillo with many shops, restaurants, cafes and other institutions.

On August 25 is the Day of St. Patron saint of the city. This holiday is celebrated by music, dances, and fireworks. February-March is proud of its carnival.


Lanzarote with the online camera, is one of the most volcanically active of all the Canary Islands. There is very little vegetation: the volcanoes have flooded the entire island with lava, changing the surface of its land. In the north of the island, there is the Famara mountain range (671 m) with the La Corona volcano, and the Ajaches Mountains (608 m) in the south.

The most important attraction is the cave Cueva de los Verdes, located 6 km under the lava fields of La Corona. Nearby there are the popular volcanic mountains of Fuego. The valley is strewn with colored ashes of a volcano surrounded by black obsidian wastelands.

The mentioned territory, covered by 300 extinct volcanoes, 60 sq. km lifeless fields and «lunar landscapes» is the Timanfaya National Park (World Biosphere Reserve under the protection of UNESCO). Unbelievable, but there are 180 plant species growing in that Infertile soil.

Tourists are attracted by the restaurant «El Diablo» with the food, prepared on the ground. Thanks to hot volcanic rocks, located near the earth’s surface, food can be cooked directly on the stones.

Lanzarote with online camera is rich in attractions: in the town of TeguiseSpinola Palace and Guanapay Castle, the beautiful villages of Tías, Aria, Yaiza and Uga, Papagallo Bay, Los Hervideros Coast, Cactus Gardens, El Golfo Green Crater and the Mirador del Rio.

The best resorts of Lanzarote with the web camera are: Puerto del Carmen, Famara, Playa Blanca, Puerto Calero and Playa Teguise.

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The climate in Lanzarote online, is sunny and dry, but a little cooler than in other Canary Islands. Rains are extremely rare. The best time to visit Lanzarote in the web camera is September, when the water warms up as much as possible. In summer it is very hot sometimes, average + 26C, but can be even more than + 30C. The coldest time is from December to February, despite the fact that the air temperature sometimes reaches + 25C. In winter here + 20C.

The weather forecast in Lanzarote for 7 days is available on our website online.