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Live webcam shows one of the most popular resorts of Crimea – Alushta, located in the heart of the southern coast of the peninsula, near Yalta, Alupka and Sudak.

Alushta, where the live broadcast comes from, is located in the foothill valley, there are wide pebble and sandy beaches stretching for 80 km.

In the center of the resort, in this online camera, there are beaches belonging to sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Opportunities for free beach recreation in Alushta online, are provided by about ten beach areas. Most of them are in the Professor’s Corner.

Many beaches have a landscaped promenade with cafes, shops and attractions.

The main historical attraction of Alushta in the webcam is the Aluston fortress, built over 1500 years ago. For many centuries the citadel belonged to the Genoese.

At a short distance from the resort, where the live camera is located, there is a striking natural monument – the Valley of Ghosts, a cluster of various rocks resembling figures of people, animals and objects.

In the vicinity of the village of Generalskoye, in the Khapkhal gorge, is making noise the most full-flowing waterfall of the Crimea, Dzhur-Dzhur, 15 m high. Near the waterfall there is a cave of the same name 750 m long.

In the south of Alushta, which coast you see in the online stream, there is Mountain Kastel; from its top opens a picturesque view of the resort.

The Alushta Terrarium Aquarium is very popular. Its 4 thematic rooms display about 250 species of fish from all over the world. There are sharks, piranhas, eels, and belugas. In addition to fish, guests of the aquarium can get acquainted with Nile crocodiles.

Near Alushta, which is viewed in real time, there is the Babugan-Yayla massif with the highest point of the Crimea – the Roman-Kosh Mountain (1545 m). Its territories are part of the Crimean Nature Reserve, so their visits are limited.


Two passes – Angarskiy and Kebit-bogaz carry out the movement of air masses from the center of the peninsula towards the coast and back. Due to this, the climate of Alushta in the web camera, is distinguished by hot summer and mild winter, in addition, it is relatively dry here. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in October – February. Thanks to the sea breeze blowing from the sea during the day and back at night, the heat of the day is easier to bear. These winds are curative, sending masses of ionized sea air, saturated with salts, to the coast.

Weather forecast in Alushta for 7 days is available on our website online.

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