Calgary , Canada
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Roads of Calgary

Calgary in the live stream is a steppe-city, which has never had any limits to grow, so its territory has enlarged to 745 km ² (only half of the area is built up).  This webcam Calgary placed in growth contributes to the extensive personal transport-oriented road network and high-speed freeway network. A webcam live broadcast of one of the roads is on our website.

There is a well-developed street network in Calgary you see online. Along with the usual highways there are a number of pay and toll-free motorways. The largest of these is the Deerfoot road running from north to south. Basically free motorways are called Highways (Trails), as well as several main highways. The literal meaning of English – Trails are “roads” for the designation of large highways due to the fact that they formed just along the ancient roads of the first settlers of Calgary in the live camera.

First roads in Calgary online were named with settlements where they led: for example, the Edmonton Highway (part of the former Calgary Highway – Edmonton). Later, developed local toll roads became highways and had the names of famous people from the history of the city of Calgary showed in live footage (highway Crouchild, Markus-of-Lorne Highway), names of local tribes (Stony Road, Sarci Highway, Blackfoot Highway).

In the middle of the last century it was envisaged that the network of toll-free highways would grow. But instead, the emphasis was shifted to a trend oriented towards the development of the highway with the infrastructure of public transport.

It is interesting that beyond the business part of the center of Calgary in webcam, especially in the old neighborhoods, on the sidewalks in crossroads there are names of cross streets that are written with spelling mistakes or confused letters. The fact is that once inscriptions were applied by hand not always competent employees of the municipality. Now this incident is a kind of historical object.

Province of Alberta

One of the largest cities in Alberta is Calgary in the live broadcast, famous for its 1988 Olympic Games, a popular resort for winter sports enthusiasts.

Here is the world-famous national park of the rocky mountains of Jasper, which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is a beautiful and magical world – ice shining with a pearl shade color, clean lakes with happy fish, canyons and snow-capped peaks, dense forests and numerous inhabitants.

Another popular place of Alberta online is the old Banff Park – one of the most beloved by tourists in the world. This place is also included by UNESCO in the World Heritage Fund. There are many hotels, recreation centers, shops, cafes and restaurants. Alberta in webcam is famous for its hot wells: thermal baths are located directly in the open air. In addition to beautiful landscapes, Banff Park is one of the best ski resorts.

Tourists do not remain indifferent when they visit Drumheller – these are barren lands with a cluster of gorges, hills, hardened lava and canyons, which are 13 thousand years old! In addition, in these places are found the remains of more than 150 dinosaurs. Other ancient animals discovered here are included in the exposition of the most famous museums in the world. A significant part is represented in the Royal Paleontological Museum of Tyrrell in the center of these barren lands.

Watch another nice Baltic Live Cam live stream from Canada Central Memorial Park in Calgary.



Calgary in the live camera is dominated by a dry and temperate climate. Rains in this area are rare enough (more often in the spring), and snow can go at any time of the year, even in summer. In Calgary, an unstable winter and a short, moderately warm summer.

The most unusual climatic feature of Calgary is the chinook (“snow eater”) is a dry and warm wind, instantly turning the winter into spring, capable of raising the temperature to 20C or more. The temperate climate of Calgary creates comfortable conditions for visiting it at any time of the year. The city is one of the sunniest in Canada. The sun shines on average here 2400 hours a year.

Calgary Weather cam show info for 7 days is available on our website online.