Camogli , Itaalia
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Camogli in the online camera is a miniature city near Paradiso Bay, located a little west of Cape Portofino.The settlement shown in the webcam is known in Italy and in Europe as the “city of a thousand sails”. Coastal Camogli with multi-colored facades of buildings that you can see in the online broadcast has long been famous for its sailing fleet, located in the beautiful bay of Paradiso closed by rocks in the web camera.

The history of Camogli, where the live broadcast is conducted from, began in the prehistoric era, but the “golden age” came here in the 19th century.

Numerous sights of the city in the online camera tell about the rich historical heritage of Camogli. The main temple of the town in the live stream is the 12th century Santa Maria Assunta church, which houses the relics of St. Fortunatto and amazing works of art from the 16th-18th centuries.

At a short distance from the temple rises the majestic Castello della Dragonara of the 11th century. In it, once the inhabitants of Camogli hid from pirates. Currently, the citadel houses a navigation museum and a large aquarium.

Another temple of the 12th century, which is located in the historical center, is the Church of St. Nicholas, which has the status of a national monument. In the upper part of Camogli in the webcam there is a chapel of the 15th century, the church and the monastery of St. Prospero, the patron saint of the city.

At a distance of 9 km from the city in the online camera, on the shore of a picturesque bay, there is the fishing village of San Fruttuoso with medieval architectural monuments: a Benedictine abbey of the 12th century, a palace of the 13th century and a watchtower built in the 16th century. There is also a museum with archaeological finds and medieval objects of monastic life. San Fruttuoso has gained popularity among diving fans – here, at the bottom of the bay, at a depth of 17 meters, there is a statue of Christ from 1954.

In Camogli, where the online broadcast comes from, it is interesting to visit numerous galleries and museums with works by local artists.

The ancient city where the webcam is located is also famous for its maritime traditions. In addition to the Maritime Museum, in Camogli with this online camera there is one of the most popular nautical schools in Italy – the House of Veteran Sailors, the only one of its kind where retired sailors live. The Society of Sea Captains and Marine Engineers is also located here, maintaining the traditions of naval officers.

The coast of Camogli in the webcam is not very long, but along the coast there are many beautiful and cozy pebble beaches where you can not only sunbathe and swim in the clear sea, but also go in for water or sailing. The resort has options for such outdoor activities as: diving, fishing, tennis, volleyball, cycling and boat trips.

Travelling around the city of Camogli in this online camera, it is pleasant to walk through the labyrinths of narrow streets, where numerous restaurants with excellent cuisine are hidden. It is better to try the most delicious national dishes right on the streets of the city during local holidays. In May, the Fish Festival is held in honor of the patron saint of fishermen – St. Fortunatto. Another exciting holiday is Stella Maris, which takes place in August. It is dedicated to the Virgin of the Sea and attracts with a fabulously beautiful spectacle: after sunset, the locals launch rafts with lit candles that float into the open sea.

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