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In this live broadcast there is the beautiful coastal city of Ponza, located in a picturesque place in the Lazio region of Latina province. The name of the city of Ponza in the online camera coincides with the name of the island on which it is located. This is the largest island of the Pontine Archipelago, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea near the western coast of the Apennine Peninsula. Ponza has a volcanic origin.

There is an opinion that the name of the island, part of which is shown by a live camera, was given in honor of the Roman ruler Pontius Pilate.

During the time of the first settlers, the island was covered with dense forest that can not be said about it now.

In the Middle Ages, Ponza was constantly exposed pirate raids and local residents had to leave him. Only in the 18th century the Kingdom of Naples made Ponza its colony again.

During the Second World War, under Hitler’s regime, Ponza, whose coast is visible online, served as a correctional colony.

Nowadays, Ponza, where the live stream is conducted from, is a resort (well-developed tourism) fishing town and island. This is one of the most popular islands where the inhabitants of mainland Italy and Europe go for recreation.

The sandy beaches of Ponza, one of which this webcam shows well, attract a lot of tourists here in the summer time. One of the most popular beach areas of Ponza, perfectly shown online, is Chiaia di Luna (Crescent Beach). But at present, this beach is closed due to landslides. Fortunately, besides it there are many more great places to relax: Spiaggia delle Felci, Spiaggia di Le Forna, Spiaggia di Frontone, Spiaggia di Santa Maria.

Ferries from Naples, Terracina, Formia and Anzio go to Ponza.

Besides attractive beaches, Ponza, where the online camera is located, it is proud of its magnificent grottoes: Grotta Azzurra, Grotta del Serpente, Grotte di Pilato.

There is the “Roman Gallery” in Ponza, which is actually a tunnel connecting the village of Ponza with Chiaia di Luna beach.

The whole territory of the island of Ponza, whose bay shows a webcam, has amazing archaeological artifacts. The remains of the Egyptian, Greek and Phoenician necropolises are well preserved in the center of the archipelago.

Tourists love to visit such natural attractions as the giant faraglioni cliffs, the Fantastic Castle cliff and the Grotta della Maga Circe, located between the beaches of Capo Bianco and Chiaia di Luna. According to legend, the great magician Circe spent the winters in this cave, turning the Odyssey team into animals.

A little further there is another cave – Grotta di Ulisse or Grotta del Sangue (Bloody). It is located directly below the Belvedere hill with a botanical garden, villa and the ruins of the castle.

From the Monte Guardia peak, the highest point of Ponza, it is convenient to enjoy the panorama of the entire island.


Ponza has a mild Mediterranean climate. July and August are the warmest months. During this period, the air temperature in the resort reaches + 27C. The tourist season on the island lasts from May to October. Weather forecast in Ponza for 7 days is available on our website online.

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