Denizli panorama

Denizli , Turkija
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An unusually beautiful city of Denizli, which you see in live stream camera, located in the south-west of Turkey, in the Aegean Sea region. From the Turkish language Denizli translates as „seaside”. This name was given because of the many sources arround here.

The online webcam opens a dizzying view of the panorama of the Denizli mountain range. Now the city is developing as a balneological resort.

The area in this live camera, is rich in springs of fresh and mineral waters, thermal baths are open here. Hotels in Denizli, one of which is also visible in webcam, offer the opportunity to relax in the baths with mineral water from hot springs. There are various spa centers invite you to take the rejuvenation courses and improve your health.

There is wonderful nature in Denizli: amazing mountains seen in web camera, rivers, parks (Ingilipynar, Camlik and Gokpinar), velvet forests. That place love to visit fans of water rafting and skiing.

Nearby there are the most popular attractions: Laodicea – the ancient capital of Phrygia, mentioned in the Apocalypse. National Park of Mount Honaz (2528 m) with alpine forests, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. The remains of the ancient city of Khona, or Colossi lie here.

Famous for its thermal springs – town of Pamukkale lies 20 km from Denizli, where the live stream comes from. This is a place of pilgrimage for tourists. There are unusual calcium deposits created by underground springs here. This place looks very beautiful at night, when the white mountain is highlighted. The water in springs has curative properties and rejuvenates, its temperature is +35 degrees. Nearby there are many hotels with their own pools of mineral water, where you can stop and admire the white calcareous mountain during sunset and sunrise.

There are the ruins of the old town Hierapolis at the top of the hill near Pamukkale. Excavations are still carried out today.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis is a national park, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
In the east of Denizli, that you see online, located the cave Kaklik — is a small Pamukkale.

An unusual source of thermal waters – Karahayit is also located near Denizli with this live broadcast. The water in this source is very hot +60-65 degrees! It is full of iron, which stains the mountain in various shades of red.

Such hot baths are good for osteoarthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism and some skin diseases. It is also recommended for stomach problems to use it inside. But it is better not to use such water without consulting a doctor.

There are many lakes and springs in the region, where the live stream comes from. But to take baths and swim is allowed in specially equipped places only. The composition of the water and its temperature varies sometimes it can be dangerous.

Baltic Live Cam have another beautiful live stream camera from Turkey – Bodrum.



The climate in Denizliyou see in live footage, is Mediterranean-continental. Winter is quite mild rainy 0C to + 11C, only in the mountains below -10C and there may be snowfalls. Summer is very hot and dry. Often the daytime temperature reaches + 40C. For recreation in the highlands tourists prefer to come here in the spring. It’s already quite warm and besides, it’s a time of beautiful flowering in parks and mountains.

The weather forecast in Denzil for 7 days is available on our website online.