Finse station

Bergen , Norvēģija
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Bergen Finse Station

The Finse Station captured on this camera online is a station on the Bergenbanen railway line in Norway. It is situated in a small mountain village, Finse, in Hordaland County. The HD Web cam Bergen shows the bright red station building with trains and train passengers coming and going throughout the seasons. It is a very small station with a small waiting area that is always open and there is a food service, bicycle rack, but unfortunately no ticket machine. The only way to get to Finse is via the Bergenbanen railway line and this very station which is shown on the live web camera. It is situated on the shore of a beautiful lake at about 1222 meters above sea level making it the train station at the highest elevation in Norway.

Trains to Finse

There are five trains that run from Bergen to Finse daily (mostly), the earliest leaving 7:58 from Bergen and the latest leaving at 22:50. The ride is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes long. The 604 train only runs on Fridays and Sundays. From Oslo there are also five trains, of which the 607 only runs on Sundays. The earliest train leaves Oslo at 08:11 and the latest leave at 23:11. The train ride lasts for about 4 hours and 15 minutes. Trains can be seen arriving and departing from the Finse station on the Bergen live cam.


Finse is a picturesque hamlet in the Norwegian country side nestled in rolling hills that are painted bright green in summer and pure white in winter. The population of Finse reached a maximum of 200 people, most of which were temporary. There are only about 10 permanent residents in Finse who mostly work at the hotel. Finse is a popular destination for cross-country skiing and sail skiing on the frozen lake, Finsevatnet. Finse is the most Southern point that still has Arctic weather conditions and is therefore the ideal place for training for Arctic expeditions and for studying Arctic conditions. In fact, Finse was the training ground for the Scott expedition to the South Pole and there is a monument at the hotel that serves as a memorial to those who died in the fateful expedition. Finse is also a beautiful summer destination due to its scenery, hiking and famous mountain biking trails. The average temperature is -2oC and the lowest recorded temperature is -39.6oC

Research centers

The Alpine Research Center is operated from Finse and has teams from both the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo working at the center. The center was opened in 1972 and hosts important conferences and research projects for Norwegian and International institutions and audiences. It is part of the International Network of Terrestrial Research and Monitoring of the Arctic (INTERACT).

Baltic Live Cam online footage also shows beautiful harbor scenes across Norway such as the Stavanger port and the Bodø harbor.