Barlad view from City Hall

Birlada , Romania
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Small and beautiful Bârlad in the webcam, located in the east of Romania, in Lower Moldavia, in the county of Vaslui near the river Bârlad.

The town in the online camera is small, but full of narrow and winding streets where local attractions are located.

There are different versions of where the name of the city in the live camera came from. In particular, the name of a medieval group of steppe, predominantly Slavic-speaking Christians is associated with it, according to one version, they gave rise to the Eastern European Cossacks – the Berladniks, from which the name of Bârlad online came from. The city is home to 78,000 people.

Bârlad with the online broadcast is a historical city that has been in the sphere of influence of different countries and cultures for centuries. At present, its appearance is a mixture of Austro-Hungarian trends, elements typical of eastern Romania, and a long communist past.

In Bârlad, where the web camera is located, there is no separate historical center. Post-war and ultra-modern buildings adjoin the oldest buildings. The most striking are the eclectic building of the Vasile Pârvan Bârlad Museum and the neoclassical church of St. Elijah. The St. George’s Orthodox Church, the Church of St. John and the historical Sturdza House with a museum exposition are also located here.


Romania with the city shown by the online camera, is located in the southeastern part of Europe near the Black Sea. The Carpathian Mountains run across the country. The state borders with: Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

In Romania, where the webcam is located, there are 5 historical regions:

  • Wallachia (Muntenia). On its territory there is the capital of the country, the city of Bucharest. Also in this region there are the most popular ski resorts. This area is known for the Transfagarash Pass (Transfăgărășan), Lake Vidraru, the towns of Târgoviște and Curtea de Arges.
  • Transylvania. The famous tourist region, where the legendary Dracula’s castle stands, which you can see in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website. Transylvania is famous for its virgin nature, ancient towns and ancient churches, which are under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Dobruja is well known to tourists traveling to Romania to relax on the beach. Here is the famous Danube Delta – a surprisingly picturesque National Park.
  • Banat is located in the west of Romania. This is the most developed region in the country. Here you will meet sheer cliffs, beautiful cities and ancient Germanic settlements.
  • Maramureș is the northernmost in the republic. Here you will feel the spirit of antiquity with small towns and wooden churches.


In Bârlad, where the online broadcast is conducted from, summer is warm and cloudy, and winter is frosty, snowy and cloudy. During the year, the temperature usually ranges from -5 C to 28 C and rarely falls below -13 C or rises above 33 C. The warm season lasts about 3.7 months, from May 22 to September 13. During this period, the maximum average daily air temperature exceeds 23 C. The hottest month of the year is July, when the average temperature reaches 28 C, and the minimum is 16 C. The cold season lasts 3.5 months, from November 22 to March 5. The minimum average daily air temperature at this time is below 6 C. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature maximum of -5 C and a minimum of 1 C. Weather forecast in Bârlad for 7 days  is available on our website online.

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