Вид на холм Геллерт

Будапешт , Венгрия
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Vigado Square – Budapest

This web camera in Budapest, Hungary shows the view from the Vigado Square. On live camera, you can view the Danube River with many river cruise boats moored against the bank of the river. The webcam shows the splendid Buda Castle complex towering on the opposite bank of the Danube.

Vigadó Square

Vigadó Square faces the famous Vigadó Concert Hall. It was designed by Firgyes Fezl in 1859 and it’s a bold sight to behold on the Pest embankment of the Daube River. The building was badly damaged during WWII; its reconstruction took 36 years to complete.

Buda Castle Complex

The Buda Castle which can be seen here on cam online is the home of the Budapest History Museum, National Gallery, Matthias Church, Presidential Palace, National Archives, Alchemist Labs, Evangelical Church, Statue of Andras Hadik and the Holy Trinity Square.


The Budapest History Museum showcases exhibits spanning the 2000 year history of what is now Budapest.

The National Gallery, the dome of which is shown on this webcam, has a superb collection of both Hungarian and International art. The collection of 18th-19th-century paintings is particularly intriguing as it shows the turbulent history of Hungary during its occupation by the Turks and Austria respectively. Some pieces of famous international artists like Rodin and Monet are also presently housed in the National Gallery. The captivating collection is a feast for art lovers and laypeople alike.

Changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace

The changing of the guards in front of the Presidential Palace is a popular attraction that should not be missed. The guards perform an impressively choreographed march with drums and synchronized movements. The changing of the guards occurs from Monday to Sunday at every hour between 8:30 am and 5 pm. There is a special changing of the guards at noon on Saturdays. Don’t miss it if you’re visiting Budapest after viewing its delights online on web camera.

Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum/Alchemist Lab

This museum tells the story of medieval alchemy. It showcases a collection of curiosities and books of historical medicines dating back to the 1600’s. Some of the items are serious and some quite surprising – think dried bats and tiny crocodiles in jars. Despite the somewhat gruesome exhibition, visitors the Alchemist Lab will learn a lot about the development the science of medicine.

Boat trips on the Danube

The major feature on display on this camera online is, of course, the Danube River. As you can see  on the live web camera online, it is possible to take a sightseeing cruise down the river. A dinner cruise is a romantic way of experiencing the Budapest panorama, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while sipping sparkling wine. Depending on the cruise, you will see the Buda Castle complex, the Freedom Monument, the Gellért Baths, and the Chain Bridge which connects Buda and Pest. Some cruises include a dinner and live Hungarian folk music.

Baltic Live Cam has several online cameras showing riveting scenes across the globe. Starting in Budapest, you can view the Buda Castle on web camera online. Moving to Austria you can see a view of city of Klagenfurt.   Dashing to Karlovy vary you can see a beautiful panorama of the city.