Neuer Platz (New Square)

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee , Austria
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Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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Neuer Platz (New Square)

A live broadcast to Neuer Platz (New Square) – one of the most important sights of the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. The square is famous for its symbol of the city – the sculptural fountain Lindwurbrunnen, depicting a mythical animal with the monuments of Empress Maria Theresa and a brave hero.

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

The city of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, you see online, is located in the south of Austria in the middle of the hills. The town is small and compact. The center of Klagenfurt shoved in webcam is easily accessible on foot. The streets of the city are wide enough and make up a grid surrounding the central square of Neuer Platz, which is visible in online webcam.

The Kramergasse Street, starting from the New Square, goes towards the north to the Alter Platz square- the center of a large shopping area. There is the largest number of historical buildings of the city of Klagenfurt is concentrated here. The oldest building is Haus zur goldenes Gans (low medieval structure). Nearby there are the Town Hall Twin Towers (Landhaus). A bit to the north there is the St. Egid church (14th century).

To the South of the New Square (Neuer Platz), which is perfectly demonstrated by the web camera, on the Lidmanskygasse Street, there is a small Klagenfurter Dom church (16th century). Next to Lidmanskygasse Street 10, there is the Diocesan Museum with the oldest stained-glass window in Austria – Magdalenscheibe (12th century).

It is worth to pay attention to the City Gallery with its interesting exhibitions. On the Theaterplatz Square there is an extraordinarily beautiful building of the City Theater in the Art Nouveau style. The park area Kreuzbergl with a botanical garden, scattered in the hills – an excellent place to take a walk.

In Klagenfurt am Wörther in the live stream, in spite of the remarkable historical sights, one of which is New Square (Neuer Platz), perfectly seen in  webcam online, there are also excellent beach areas. The most popular is the Main City beach 300 meters long. At the East of Klagenfurt there is Maris Loretto beach – an excellent choice the relaxing holiday lovers. The Maiernigg beach is on the contrary: noisy and crowded. There are beach parties, cafes and bars here.

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The climate of Klagenfurt online is surprisingly similar to the Mediterranean, but it’s not hot here at all. Due to the mountain ranges covering the region, this part of Austria is the warmest. In winter, the air temperature can drop to -2C, in the mountains to -14C. It is often rains in the spring and autumn here, snow falls in winter time. Summer is warm and sunny. In July, the temperature reaches + 27C. The water temperature in the lakes rises to + 26-28C.

Weather forecast in Klagenfurt for 7 days is available on our website online.