Pernegg an der Mur panoramic view

Pernegg an der Mur , Austria
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Pernegg an der Mur

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Pernegg an der Mur

There is a live stream panorama of the beautiful city of Pernegg an der Mur, located in the Middle Valley of the Mur River, south of the city of Bruck an der Mur, in the Federal province of Austria – Styria.


Styria, where the online broadcast comes from, is an Austrian province. It borders with Slovenia, as well as with such Austrian federal states as Lower Austria, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Burgenland and Carinthia.

The capital of Styria is Graz.

The entire province, as well as the individual city of Pernegg an der Mur, shown in the webcam, is considered the greenest region of Austria. Almost all of Styria, where the online camera is located, is indented by mountain ranges. In the north, there are the massifs of the Eastern Alps: Dachshtein, Kammergebirge, Grimming, Toten Gebirge (Gochkasten), Pyrga and GroßerBuchstein. To the east of the Enns River there are the northern spurs of the Calcareous Alps: the mountain ranges of the North Styrian Alps with the massifs of the Reichenstein Mountains, the Hochschwab and the High Feich and the Lower Austrian Alps (Snow Alps), the Rax Alps. To the south of the Enns valley, the Taurus Mountains rise: Gochgolling, Predigtstuhl, Großen Bösenstein and Saukogel.

The territory between the rivers Mura and Drava is occupied by the Carinthian-Styrian Alps: Eisenhut, Tsirbikogel, Ameringkogel. To the east of the Mura River, the Styrian Lower Alps are located: Gohhanch, Veksel and Stuhleck, smoothly descending to the Raba Valley.

The most popular valleys and plains of Styria, which you see on the webcam, are: the valley of the river Mura with the major cities: Graz, Leoben and Leibniz, as well as the valley of the Enns River.

There are many caves in Styria, where the live streaming takes place. The most famous of them is the Mixnikser-Kogellukenskaya cave on the left bank of the Mura.

On the territory of the federal province of Styria, one of the cities of which you see online, there are several ski resorts. The most popular resort is Schladming, it is located 750 meters above sea level.

There are also small centers in the region with live coverage, such as Mariazeller Bürgeralpe.

The online ski season in Styria starts in November-December and lasts until March-April.

Other ski resorts in Styria: Aflenz Burgeralm (810 – 1810m), Galsterbergalm – Ski Amade (1000 – 1986m),

In Styria, shown in the webcam, there are very few lakes. The most interesting is the Grundlsee Lake, 6 km long and about 1 km wide. Together with the Altaussee Lake, it forms the center of the Styrian part of the Salzkammergut region. In the summertime, writers and artists come here to capture the beauty of the local nature in their works.

Another, no less attractive lake is Tragöß – Grüner See (Green Lake). It is located at the foot of the snow-capped Hochschwab Mountains. In spring and summer, the water level reaches 12 meters and part of the park goes under water. During this period, divers tend to the lake to observe the amazing underwater world of the reservoir: alpine plants, flowers, walking paths.

Lake Toplitzsee is interesting for its rugged rocky shores and cliffs of the Dead Mountains.

In the east of Styria, in this online camera, there is the Stubenbergsee Lake, popular among the residents of Graz.

The Austrian province shown in the webcam is rich in monasteries and churches. For example, the Mariazell church of 1157 is the most important pilgrimage temple in Austria (founded in 1157). There is a large chapel with a silver altar from the 18th century by I.E. Fischer von Erlach, a miraculous 13th century statue and a treasury.

The former abbey of the Cistercian monastic order Neuburg an der Mürz boasts a 15th century church hall, a 14th century Neuburg Madonna, a 17th century high altar and a 14th century covered arcade.

The 12th century Vorau Augustinian monastery houses the “Imperial Chronicle” library.

The former 16th century Pöllau’s former Augustinian monastery with baroque frescoes is known as the “Cathedral of Eastern Styria”.

The oldest monastery of the Cistercian monastic order of the Rhine in the 12th century in Austria is notable for the basilica and high altar of the 18th century.

On the territory of the former monastery of the Benedictines of Göss Abbey of the 11th century, there are: a temple, an underground chapel, an archbishop’s chapel and amazing frescoes of the 13th century.

The Abbey of the Benedictine Order of Zekau from the 12th century boasts a Romanesque basilica, the mausoleum of Charles II (1592), and frescoes by Herbert Böckl.

Another 11th century Benedictine Abbey – Admont, perfectly preserved the church, 18th century library with manuscripts and early printed works, statues of I. T. Stammel.

On the territory of Styria in this online broadcast, there is a large number of castles and palaces. The most interesting of them: Riegersburg Fortress,Kornberg Castle, Herberstein Castle, Eggenberg Palace.

Styria, where this webcam broadcasts comes from, is not only a ski resort and a picturesque region with sights and historical monuments, but also a health center in Austria. There are such thermal resorts as: Rogner Bad Blumau, Bad Mitterndorf, Bad Aussee, Loipersdorf, Bad Radkersburg, Therme NOVA Koflach, Bad Gleichenberg, Aqualux Therme Fohnsdorf.

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