Brokke ski resort

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Brokke ski resort

The live broadcast shows one of the ski centers in Norway – Brokke Alpine Center, located in Setesdal (Aust-Agder). The online winter resort offers a safe, relaxing, family and friendly atmosphere. Brokke is also popular for young people.

In the arsenal of the Brokke Alpine Center, which you see in the webcam, there is one 3-seat chairlift, one T-shaped lift, and one platform lift in the landscape park. At Brokke resort that you see in live camera there are 4 km of slopes and 3 elevators. The longest track is 1780 meters. The vertical drop corresponds to 230 meters, the highest point for skiing is 780 meters, and the lowest is 550 meters.

The number of descents in Brokke, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is five. All are well maintained and well equipped. In addition, the complex, shown in the online camera, has a landscape park and there are opportunities for off-piste skiing.

Ski resorts in Norway

Ski tours to Norway gained great popularity especially after the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. The most famous and frequently visited ski resorts in Norway: Lillehammer, Hafiell, Kvitfiell, Gålå, Skeikampen, Sjusjøen, Geilo, Hemsedal and Trysil. There is more detailed information.

Lillehammer is the capital of the 1994 Winter Olympics. This is one of the largest ski resorts in Norway, uniting 5 large ski resorts in the country: Hafiell, Kvitfjell, Gålå, Skeikampen and Sjusjøen. The winter season lasts from November to May. Besides the skiing possibilities, Lillehammer has all the conditions for snowboarders and fans of cross-country skiing.

Hafiell Resort, is the place where Olympic slalom competitions in 1994 were organized. Currently, it is a well-known complex for various types’ competitions in winter. In general, there are 39 km of ski slopes: 10 green, 9 blue, 7 red, 4 black and about 300 km of plain tracks. The vertical drop is 835 meters.

Gålå ski center is located by Lake Mjøsa. Besides the ski slopes, there is a wide selection of other attractions: ice fishing, sledding, reindeer and dog sledding, snowboarding, toboggan and others. High-altitude trails are only 15 km (6 green, 5 blue, 3 red and 1 black). Plain tracks here are more than 600 km.

Kvitfjell ski center or “White Mountain” is considered the highest mountain of the surrounding resorts. In addition to the blue and red slopes, there are extremely dangerous black slopes here.

In Skeikampen resort there are 17 slopes with a total length of 21 km. The highest point is located at an altitude of 1123 m. There are many slopes for beginners. There is also a track for snowboarding, carving and freestyle lovers fans.

Sjusjøen center historically has been a cross-country ski resort. But recently, mountain ski slopes have appeared. The longest of them is 2.2 km. In the ski complex there are 2 green tracks, 3 blue, 2 red and 2 black.

Trysil resort is the largest in Norway. It is located next to Sweden at the Trysilfjellet Mountain. The ski season here is quite long: from the end of October to May. Besides excellent slopes, there is a ski school. The total number of well-equipped slopes is 66. Their length is 71 km: 21 green tracks, 17 blue, 17 red and 11 black. For cross-country skiers, the resort offers 100 km of slopes.

Geilo is the oldest resort for beautiful mountain landscapes lovers. It is located next to the Hardanger Plateau National Park, where competitions in international slalom and cross-country skiing are often held. The resort has 39 ski slopes, 3 slopes for snowboarders and 3 schools. There are lifts, excellent lighting, and equipment rental points.

Hemsedal ski complex (Scandinavian Alps) is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The slopes of the resort are situated at three peaks: Totten (1450 m), Tinden (1444 m) and Rogin (1370 m). There are 48 tracks: 21 green, 11 blue, 9 red and 7 black.

Besides the aforementioned largest winter complexes in Norway, in the country there are also many excellent less popular ski resorts. For example, near Oslo, located Holmenkollen ski area, where in addition to excellent slopes, there is Ski Museum, as well as a unique springboard and an excellent observation platform with magnificent views of the surroundings.

Other small ski resorts in Norway: Nesbyen, Wangslia, Hovden, where is also an online cam on Baltic Live Cam website, Sletvold, Stølen, Odalen, Voss, Beitostolen, Raudalen.

Among the “glacier” resorts, the most famous are the Stryun sports center, located on the Jostedal glacier, as well as Gallhöpiggen, which is located on the highest Juvbreen mountain glacier and the most southern of all – the Folgefonna ski center on the Folgefonna glacier.


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