Tembe Elephant park

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Tembe Elephant Park

In this interesting online live stream you can watch funny elephants of the South African Tembe Elephant Park, located in KwaZulu-Natal, on the border with Mozambique.

A unique webcam is focused at the elephants of Tembe Nature Reserve is a live video broadcast with full color and sound. So, you see what is happening in real time. Online camera is on for 24 hours a day! You can watch online how elephants bathe, play, communicate and enjoy life.

The live stream camera is showing of the central watering place in the reserve, popular with the animals living in this park. The elephants you see in the webcam are the biggest elephants in Africa, their weight is about 6 tons. Now there are about 150 elephants live there. Look in the online live camera, what the big tusks they have!

Besides these large elephants, you can also see other wild animal in the live cam, for example: nyalas, kudus, impalas, warthogs, lions, rhinos, leopards, antelopes, black and white rhinos, buffaloes and other wild animals.  Also, there are more than 340 birds species live and many rare plants grow in Tembe Park.

If you watch the elephants online all the time, you will notice: the animals most often concentrate on the pond in the live stream camera from May to October. In this season there are up to 50-60 elephants per day!

Besides the elephants that appear mostly during the day in this web camera, you can catch online  other animals leading active nightlife by the water. From September to February, when it is summer in South Africa, about 25 elephants a day come to this water reservoir.

The Tembe Nature Reserve, where oonline stream is being conducted, was created in 1983 to preserve the elephant population in this region. The area of Tembe Nature Reserve is 300 square kilometers.

Traditionally, elephants migrated from South Africa to the north to Mozambique, but due to the pressure from poachers on elephants, these beautiful wild animals were forced to spend most of their lives in the thick sandy forests that now became part of the Tembe elephant sanctuary.

Now Tembe Elephant Park, which you see in the live webcam, has expanded significantly and is happy to invite tourists who want to enjoy the unique environment and get to know elephants.

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