Naked mole-rats, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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stream provided by Smithsonian National Zoo

Naked mole-rats at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

You see a curious live stream cam on the aviary with amazing animals – naked mole-rats. In an online webcam, you can observe how the mole-rats colony eats, sleeps, and explores a completely new habitat with a lot of winding tunnels.

Naked mole-rats

The naked mole rats that you can see in the live webcam are African rat-like rodents. The particular difference between these wild mammals and their fellows is that they live several times longer than common rodents.

The naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber), perfectly demonstrated in online camera, belongs to the Bathyergidae family. They live in Africa, to the south from Sahara.

As you can see in online mode, the body length of this amazing little animals is no more than 12 cm, and weight is 30-60 g.

Interestingly, if you look at the naked mole-rats in webcam, you will find that they are bald. But in reality, there are hairs on their body and on the legs. Mole-rats uses long sharp incisors for digging.

The eyes of the naked mole-rats are very small: they live in complete darkness, in underground holes. Look, there are holes and tunnels in online webcam. The eyes for naked mole-rats are sensitive hairs – vibrissae, located on the body of this wild animal. In some ways, naked diggers look like moles.

In the territories occupied by mole-rats,shown online, the soil surface temperature can reach 60 ° C, and in a hole at a depth of 20 cm below ground it is almost always constant – 28-30 ° C. Naked mole-rats eat vegetable food. In their diet, mainly there are roots of different plants.

Mole-rats, tha you see in web cam,  live in colonies, headed by a female. Interestingly, the female is much bigger than the other family members. She is the race continuer. Her babies are under the tutelage of all naked mole-rats family members.

Since the naked mole-rats that you see in the online live stream feel in safe conditions underground, there are almost no enemies. Just snakes may occasionally come across. As also reptiles can wait for them on the surface at the entrance to the hole.

Mole-rats, like moles, are pests. They make harm to agriculture, eat root of crops and cereals.

Despite the damage, naked mole-rats in this online camera, still have a beneficial effect on the environment, carrying out drainage and soil rebuilding.


Interesting features of the naked mole-rats

Mole-rats, displayed in live camera, are real long-livers. Almost all individuals live to 30 years. Interestingly, they do not get sick and do not die of old age. Staying in good physical shape until the end of life, the mole-rats you see online, mostly die from the predators’ teeth or from clashes between each other.

These rodents have very strong immunity and never get cancer. They also do not know such as diseases as: stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other serious illnesses. The body of naked mole-rats in this web camera, completely susceptible to aging.

These wild animals have almost no pain of burns.

Mole-rats may keep a breathe for up to 20 minutes.

Of course, having such unique abilities and features, naked mole-rats, which you see well in the webcam, became the close study object for the scientists. Perhaps very soon, with the help of such amazing mammals as a mole-rat, it will be possible to create an eternal youth elixir.


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