African Penguins, San Diego Zoo

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African Penguins, San Diego Zoo

There is a live stream where you can see African penguins (black-footed penguins) in a large and new habitat by Dan & Vi McKinney in Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks. In the San Diego Zoo’s online camera, you can also spot their pool neighbors: leopard sharks. But do not worry, the two species lives well together!

On  webcam there is the beach, nesting grounds and rocks imitating granite boulders found on Boulders Beach in South Africa. As clearly seen online, penguins have the aviary and deep pool.

African or black-footed penguins, which you see in web camera, is an endangered species that needs human help. Over the past 28 years, their number has decreased by 60 percent.

African Penguin

The African Penguin, demonstrated in web camera, is a small and medium size penguin species. These wild animals live mainly off the coast of South Africa, between Namibia and Algoa Bay, near Port Elizabeth. Another colony of these beautiful mammals was found on Dyer Island.

Black-footed penguins, which can be seen well in the online webcam, have a small body in black and white spots, and a sharp beak. Their breasts are white and their paws are black. The most striking difference between African penguins and other penguins is they have pink glands above the eyes. Take a look and see for yourself on the live cam.

Penguins of this species have a large number of dense feathers, which prevents the penetration of water. Black-footed penguins molt for 20 days. African penguins, showsn online, nest on rocky islands. The life duration of these kind of penguins is approximately 10-15 years.

Males of African penguins, displayed in live camera, are bigger than females. These wild animals are monogamous. They create one pair for life. Eggs hatch both parents for 40 days. At the age of 3-5 months, the younglings go into an independent life.

Penguins, demonstrated in this webcam, feed on little marine life: fish and crustaceans. African penguins are great swimmers and divers! Just watch the live stream as they dive!

In nature, miniature African penguins in this live camera, and their eggs have natural enemies: sharks, seals, gulls, ibis, mongooses, snakes and leopards. There is a significant role plays human in the disappearance of such rare wild animals as Black-footed penguins.

Surprisingly, African penguins, which you see in the live webcam, can swim up to 110 kilometers for one swim!

The African penguin, besides its second name – black-footed, has another nickname – the donkey penguin. He got this name because of the roaring sounds that he makes during the wooing.

It is believed that it was the African penguins, which you observe in online cam, who first came in contact with the man. And, of course, this happened due to the fact they live in a more accessible place – in South Africa. Other penguins live in far and cold Antarctica. Unfortunately, the meeting with people had a bad effect on the African penguins’ number.

The population of such beautiful wild mammals as African penguins, which you can easily watch in live webcam, unfortunately, is decreasing. Therefore, world Zoos, including the San Diego Zoo, are trying to do everything necessary to save the penguins.

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