Pühajärv lake

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Lake Pühajärv

Lake Pühajärv, which you see in the webcam, is the largest and most picturesque lake in the region, located on the Otepää Upland. Its length is 3.5 km, the maximum width is 1.6 km, the maximum depth is 8.5 m, the area is 292.6 hectares, and the length of the coastline is 16.4 km.

There are five islands on the reservoir in the online camera: on the north side of Sysarsaared, in the center of Kloostrisaar, from the south coast there are the islands of Suur- and Väike-Lepasaar.

In the north of the lake in a live broadcast there is a beach with playgrounds, places for recreation, cafes and a boat pier.

On the south side of Pühajärv lies the Kooliranna recreation area and the source of the Väike Emajõgi River.

Pühajärv Park is located on the territory of the reservoir in the web camera, where the Murrumetsa hiking trail begins.

The shores of the lake shown in real-time there are many springs, the most famous of which is Armuallikas, located near the Poslovitsa farm.

In 1991, Pühajärv in an online camera consecrated the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso.

There are two legends about the appearance of the lake in a live broadcast. The first says that many oak groves grew in this area. One of them was called the sacred oak forest. One day, a huge cloud hung over the oak forest, accompanied by a roar. Suddenly, a cloud with a big noise fell to the ground next to the grove, forming a lake in the online camera, which was called Pühajärv (Holy Lake).

The second legend is connected with the islands. According to this legend, the lake in the webcam appeared from the tears of a grieving mother, who mourned the five children who died in the war. Their burial mounds are modern lake islands.

Folk holidays and concerts are periodically held on the shore of Lake Pühajärv in webcam.

Excellent conditions are created for fans of fishing. In the winter season, the Golden Fish festival is held, which every year gathers thousands of winter fishing enthusiasts.

Pühajärv hiking trail

A 12-kilometer famous hiking trail runs around the lake in the online stream, which starts at the center of the Otepää Nature Park. It will take 3-6 hours to walk this trail. The trail is suitable for both walking and cycling. On the Pühajärv trail, there are places for a fire – Kiigemäi Kooliranna State Forest Management Center, it is allowed to set up tents and make a fire here.

Lakes of Estonia

In Estonia, where the online broadcast is conducted from, there are about 1,500 lakes. The most popular of them:

Lake Võrtsjärv is the largest inland body of water in Estonia.

Lake Peipsi (Peipus) is one of the largest lakes in Europe. On its territory there are upland and lowland bogs, Järvevalja and Smolnica dunes.

Saadjärv is the only lake related to both the 10 largest and 10 deepest lakes in Estonia. The reservoir is located in the Vooremaa Landscape Reserve.

Lake Vagula abounds with fish. It is inhabited by: bream, perch, ruff, roach, pike, ide, carp.

Karujärv is the oldest lake on the island of Saaremaa, which is about 8000 years old.

Lake Tõhela is one of the most picturesque lakes in Pärnu County and all of Western Estonia. From the northwestern part of the reservoir begins one of the most famous rivers – Paadrema, in which crayfish live.

Lake Tamula is a favorite place for tourists. In winter, fishing competitions and winter rallies are organized here. Lake Tamula is included in the list of 28 tourist sites in Southern Estonia marked with a special National Geographic sign.

Lake Suurjärv (Big Lake) or Nõjärv (Witch’s Lake) is located in the valley and belongs to the Rõuge lake chain. This is the deepest lake in the country. In summer, the Rõuge Water Festival and the Boat Rally are held on its territory. Suurjärv is on the list of 23 unique places in South Estonia, each of which is marked with a special National Geographic sign.

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