Emirgan park

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Emirgan Park

In front of you in a PTZ webcam there is one of the most beautiful and largest natural parks in Istanbul – Emirgan. The park, shown in an online camera, is located among the hills on the coast of the northern part of the ancient city.

The area occupied by Emirgan, demonstrated by an HD web camera, is 300,000 square meters.

Along the winding paths of Emirgan that you see online, there are unusually beautiful flower everywhere.

The park, where the live camera is located, got its name in honor of Khan Emirgan Oğlu Tahmasib. In Emirgan, where the online stream is conducted from, there are three beautiful pavilions: Beyaz (white), Sari (yellow) and Pembe (pink).

The park with our live broadcast is especially popular thanks to the annual tulip festival held in April. The flower beds of the park in the live camera, provide the guests of this event with the opportunity to get acquainted with all existing types of tulips in the world. In addition, other exotic and rare plants grow here, for example, mahogany, white Colorado fir, adiantum, cinnamon. There are more than 120 species of plants in this natural area.

In the Emirgan Park, part of which is shown by a webcam, there are small species of mammals and birds live also.

As can be clearly seen in the online camera, there are two reservoirs in the nature park, and in the very center there is an artificial oval lake with grottoes and waterfalls that perfectly fall into the lens of a PTZ webcam.

At the Beyaz Pavilion (White) there is a rectangular pond. Nearby there is also a large fountain.

From the top of the Duatepe Hill you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bosporus, which is also available in one of the web cameras provided by Baltic Live Cam, as well as the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and other picturesque buildings.

On the territory of Emirgan, which you see online there are several cafes and restaurants. It is possible to have a picnic on a special venue with tables and benches.

Emirgan Park, perfectly demonstrated in the live webcam, is one of the most amazing places not only in Istanbul, but throughout all Turkey.

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