Bonaire Reef

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Bonaire Reef

This webcam is live streaming to beautiful coral reefs near Bonaire Island, located at the entrance to the Harbor Village Beach Club. This place is unique due to the fresh and salt waters combination.

There is the live stream on the “corals nursery.” The formations that you can see online belong to the 2 types of Acropora corals. This coral family includes 149 species and plays an important role in reef development, creating huge calcium carbonate structures that support the thin, lively skin of the reef.

The Bonaire reef system, perfectly demonstrated in online camera, is a marine reserve and home for many species of fish, as well as sea turtles, eagle rays and sea cucumbers. You can even see a whale shark on the webcam.

The Bonaire Island Reef Reserve online, covers about 2,700 hectares and completely surrounds the island.

Usually the reefs are noticeable right at the water’s edge, gradually going deeper by about 10m. There is also such a place as a reef terrace with unusual coral antlers, fiery coral and dense stands of soft corals.

In the online camera there are perfectly visible butterfly fish, angel fish, flounder, lizard fish. And sometimes, you can notice the mullus, digging the bottom searching the food.

As you can see well in the live camera, the reefs are perfectly preserved and very diverse. Besides, the number of fish species that periodically appears in the webcam is very wide.

An interesting fact: the latest scientists’ research have found the fish species of Bonaire Island is the largest in the Caribbean.


Bonaire Island, whose coral reefs are visible in webcam, is located in the Caribbean Sea, near Venezuela. Bonaire is a part of the Netherlands Antilles, along with Saba, Sint Eustatius, Curaçao and Saint Martin, which also have online cameras.

The key advantage of this small island is untouched nature and amazing underwater world with fancy corals that are perfectly visible in the webcam. This advantage makes Bonaire a great place for diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.

The best beaches of Bonaire Island online: Playa Chiquita with the Washington Slagbaai National Park; Playa Funchi with great diving opportunities; rocky beach of Boca Slagbaai; Playa Frans, located near the Boka Kokolishi National Park; and finally, the north shore of the Marine Park – Boca Bartol beach with excellent snorkeling opportunities.

The most picturesque beach is 1000 Steps beach; and the well-equipped is Pink Beach.

The capital of Bonaire Island, where the live stream comes from, is the city of Kralendijk with a small group of low bright buildings. The key attraction of Kralendijk is Fort Orange and the nearby stone lighthouse with the Bonaire Museum.

The oldest settlement on Bonaire Island with the webcam, is Rincon.

Visit the real uninhabited island of Small Bonaire (Klein Bonaire), located at a distance of 750 m from the main island. There are still old slave huts fragments here.

The water area of Bonaire Island, whose coral reefs are perfectly visible in the live webcam, has more than 450 fish species, 4 sea turtles species and approximately 70 algae species.

There is also the opportunity to make a trip to the dive safari or dive tours to the east coast of the island and to the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

The long coral reef that you see in the online camera is a protected National marine park.

The most famous places to dive near Bonaire Island online are: Country Garden, Fantastic Food, Yellow Mens Reef, Bloodlet.

If you wish to go sailing, it is better to do this in Kralendijk Bay, Lac Bay or on Sorobon Beach.

The Lac Bay, located to the east is one of the best places for windsurfing on the planet.

When there are strong winds here usually from mid-December till August, windsurfing competitions are held on Bonaire in the webcam. October is the sailing regatta time.

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