Old Faithful Geyser of Yellowstone

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Old Faithful Geyser

There is a live stream of the famous geyser of Yellowstone Park – “Old Faithful” geyser, one of the main biosphere reserve’s attractions. The Old Faithful Geyser, which you see in the live camera, has a worldwide fame. It is very predictable: every 60-90 minutes, the geyser in web camera, releases boiling water up to 55 m high. It should be noted that Yellowstone National Park has about 3000 geysers in its territory. The most famous of them are “Old Faithful” and “Steamboat”.

The “Old Faithful” geyser, well viewed in webcam, located on a hill. The crater of the geyser has been studied well from the inside. Scientists learned that at a depth of 22 meters the water temperature rises to 118C.

The “Old Faithful” geyser that you see in the live stream is very informative natural phenomenon for scientists. If changes occur in the geyser’s activity cycle, this is a signal that changes are also in the volcano.

Near the ‘Old Faithful” geyser that you see i online footage, there are many animals living in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, where the live stream comes from, is a true biosphere reserve in the north-west of United States. It occupies the territory of three states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana (8,991 km2).

Yellowstone Park lies with this web cam, in a large bowl, surrounded by mountains with the source of the Yellowstone River. Up there there are canyons and waterfalls framed by yellow cliffs. The length of the Yellowstone River is 1114 km. It is the longest river of the freely flowing rivers in the USA.

The Yellowstone Park ecological system, which geyser is visible online, includes the Grand Teton National Park, as well as some forest areas protected by the country. The park has about 2,000 species of plants.

There are many animal representatives in Yellowstone online: 67 mammals’ species, more than 300 species of birds, 6 species of reptiles, 16 species of fish and 4 species of amphibians.

Yellowstone National Park with the “Old Faithful”, perfectly demonstrated by live cam, a place where you have to be careful. The reason for this – the largest volcano in the world, located in the park. Looks like a giant volcano hollow – Yellowstone Caldera. Nowadays, in the Yellowstone Caldera there are volcanic gases ejecting from the ground and hot springs are beating.

There are 3,000 geysers in Yellowstone, exactly the half of all geysers on earth. The biggest of them are “Old Faithful”, which is visible in the webcam online, and “Giant”.

Yellowstone Park you see in webcam, has about 10,000 geothermal sources. Geothermal pools look are colorful pools.

Yellowstone National Park Sources

Emerald source
This source, located in the Norris geyser basin, is called emerald, as its water color corresponds to the emerald color. He has another name – Emerald Spring.

Great Prismatic Source
Great Prismatic Source is in 3rd place in size. The source has yellow, blue, green, brown, golden and red colors.

Lion source
This geyser looks like a cone. When the steam leaves the geyser, there is a sound similar to the lion’s roar.

Morning Glory Lake
The unique lake with a temperature of up to 90 ° C is shaped like a morning glory flower. The depth of the lake is about 7 meters. The lake plays in shades and sometimes explodes like a geyser.

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs are located on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park with this online cam. Hot water for many centuries dissolve calcite contained in the rock. This led to the cascade terraces formation.

It is important to know that swimming in the springs is strictly prohibited!

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