Barron Falls

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Barron Falls

The live stream camera well demonstrates one of the brightest and most popular waterfalls in Australia – Barron Falls, located on the Barron River in the North Queensland region. Big tourist popularity the Falls in live camera won at the end of the 19th century.

Such a unique natural landmark as Barron Falls, which you see online, especially interesting to see in rainy weather with the maximum amount of water. In dry weather, on the contrary, tourists just have to admire a very small and narrow water stream.

The powerful Barron waterfall, where  webcam is located, is surrounded by the magnificent landscapes of Barron Gorge national park. You can get here by cable car or by rail on a special train for tourists from Cairns to Kuranda. The old train makes several stops, one of which allows you to visit the Barron Falls, which is clearly visible in the online camera. The wonderful nature wonder water streams in the live cam, are pulled down from a height of 125 meters. Near the waterfall there are several convenient viewing platforms, from which you can enjoy a unique waterfall in live webcam. Spring is the best season to visit the waterfall and the national park.

The surroundings near the Barron Falls in online camera are amazingly beautiful too. For example, Macalister Range National Park, where you can spend active time. Also there is St Monica’s Cathedral, telling about the history of Cairns.

Waterfalls in Australia

There are more than 10 waterfalls in Australia, but the most popular are: Russell falls, Wallaman Falls and Barron Falls with  live camera, mentioned above.

The second famous green continent waterfall is Russell falls throws the water of the Russell Falls Creek from a height of 295 meters. It is located on the territory of Mount Field National Park in Tasmania. The highlight of this waterfall is its unusual exact geometric shape. Both of its levels fall clearly perpendicular to the river’s surface. There are special paths leading to explore the Russell Falls.

The third waterfall, Wallaman Falls is located in irringun National Park of Queensland. This is the highest waterfall in Australia, where the live stream comes from. Wallaman, overthrowing water of the Stony Creek from a height of 305 meters. A train going through several tunnels and picturesque bridges will help you to get to this waterfall.

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