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Bihać , Bosnia and Herzegovina
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PTZ webcam provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Bihać, the oldest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located on the Una River in the northwestern part of the country, in the Unsko-sanski canton.

The first mention of the city of Bihać, whose center is visible online, relates to 1260. Since the moment the town in thewebcam was assigned the status of a free urban settlement for a short period, Bihać has served as the capital of the Kingdom of Croatia. In 1592, Bihać, from where the live view stream is conducting, get influenced of Turkey. Then, the whole Bosnia and the city of Bihać in online live camera fell under the control of Austria, which significantly influenced the city development: new institutions, schools, temples.

During World War II Bihać, where  livecam is located, served as the control center of the anti-Nazi movement and the command post of Joseph Broz Tito. Further, in 1943, Bihać was occupied by the Croatian-fascist forces until April 1945.

The city of Bihać, part of which is well shown by an online camera, was significantly damaged during the Bosnian War (1992-1995).

The most popular excursions in the city are held on the Bihać ruins. Another famous tourist route is the Topusko Church and other historical sites in the vicinity of Bihać you see online.

The main historical and religious attraction of Bihać in live broadcast is considered to be the Gothic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua converted into a Muslim mosque called Fethija. This unique Gothic mosque today is located in the center of Bihać in live footage.

Other interesting historical monuments are: Captain’s Tower, mausoleum (built in honor of the city’s defenders from the Austro-Hungarian invaders) and ancient defensive walls ruins – glorious times reminiscent.

Popular city’s activities include hiking or cycling along the banks of the Una River, as well as waterfalls rafting, visiting a large number of cafes and restaurants on the waterfront.


The city of Bihać, shown online, is influenced by temperate continental climate. The average air temperature in winter is approximately + 6C. In summer period is about + 23C.
Weather forecast in Bihaćfor 7 days is available on our website online.

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