Sarajevo city panorama

Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina


We would like to open for you a beautiful live broadcast to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina the city of Sarajevo, successfully combining western and eastern cities features.

Sarajevo in our HD webcam has narrow streets framed by traditional Bosnian houses with red tiled roofs, majestic minarets and green slopes of the Dinaric Alps. The city has absorbed the history and culture of Orthodox Serbs, Croatian Catholics and Bosnians, practicing Islam.

The long history of Sarajevo, from where our online stream is conducted, knows the Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Principality dominance and also the times of a united Yugoslavia.

The best place to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Sarajevo in our live camera is an observation platform located on the 36th floor of the Sarajevski toranj Avaz skyscraper.

An interesting landmark of Sarajevo, from where the live broadcast is conducted is the famous Sarajevo War Tunnel, built by defenders of Sarajevo during the siege in 1993.

Nice entertainment is awaiting guests in the “Vrelo Bosne” park (Ilidza Area).

Those who have a fancy for architecture and history of this religion, will like the hazi Hosrevbeya. mosque of 16th century. The 26-meter dome is located on the two-meter thick walls.
The nice attraction of another religious is the Christian Sacred Heart Cathedral - the largest church in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the west of Sarajevo there is a Novo Sarajevo suburb - the historical place got it fame after the War in the Balkans.

There is balneological resort of Ilije at the distance of 12 km west of Sarajevo.

Not far from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which center you can see online, there are several ski resorts, the most famous of them is Jahorina, located on the slopes of Mount Ogorelica. In 1984, the Winter Olympics took place in this resort.

Another popular ski resort in the vicinity of Sarajevo is Bjelašnica, which hosted the XIV Winter Olympic Games.


The city of Sarajevo shown in our live stream camera is dominated by a mild and warm climate. It is not very hot in summer and very cold in winter. July and August are pleased with dry and sunny weather, which lasts until November. The most favorable time for travel to Sarajevo is a warm autumn, as well as winter with magnificent ski resorts.
Weather forecast in Sarajevo for 7 days is available on our website online.

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