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Neum , Bosnia and Herzegovina
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In a beautiful live view broadcast there is Neum resort, the unique and only city of Bosnia and Herzegovina with access to the Adriatic Sea.

The entire beach area of Neum in webcam stretched for 25 km. Pebble beaches of the city are the most favorite summer vacation destination for both youth and families with small children.

The coast of Neum, which you see online, is surrounded by mountains, the natural strong winds barrier, preventing from the high waves emerging.

In the bay of Neum, one of which is visible in the HD webcam, there are many tourist ferries and yachts, making boat trips from Croatia.

One of the most popular entertainments in the city of Neum, where the live stream is conducted from, is boat or yacht trips, bypassing the picturesque shores. Fans of active pastimes will appreciate the water activities possibilities of Neum: diving, parasailing, water skiing. Winter fun – mountain skiing, is also popular here.

The town of Neum, with the live camera, is a cozy old town located between the resorts of neighboring Croatia – Dubrovnik and Makarska.

Neum you see online carefully preserves unique architectural monuments and generously shares picturesque nature and a warm Adriatic Sea climate with tourists.

The magnificent infrastructure of the city in online camera allows easily find budget guest houses, hotels or apartments. There are a large number of bright original shops with nice prices.


The climate in the resort of Neum, the coast of which  webcam shows well online, is influenced by the warm Adriatic Sea. The region is under the subtropical Mediterranean climate. Summer is hot, with temperatures of +25 … + 27 C, and winter is warm and mild. The best time to travel to Neum is from June to September. Weather forecast in Neum for 7 days is available on our website online.

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