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Travnik , Bosnia and Herzegovina
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In front of you in a PTZ  live broadcast, there the city of Travnik, known for its ancient architecture and unique shrines. The village, well shown in the HD online camera, located on the banks of the Lashva River. The city lies on a high hill, which turns into a ski resort in winter, and it is a great place for walking in summer.

Keeping the historical spirit, Travnik, shown in a live camera, skillfully combines medieval constructions with modern buildings.
Of course, the most popular tourist destination in Travnik with the live view webcam is the historical part of the city with a large number of Muslim shrines, the main of which is the Bayezid Mosque (Travnik Castle). This historic building has changed many owners, and was rebuilt several times, for many centuries maintaining its military facility significance. In 1953, the citadel became a city museum. From the high tower of the fortress there is beautiful view of the surrounding territories.

The best place to relax in Travnik, which panorama is visible online, is the natural attraction “Plava Voda” (blue spring). It is a powerful water stream escaping from the cliff. The water pressure is so strong that it seems that the water is boiling. This splendor is located near the aforementioned Travnik Castle. “Plava Voda” has been known since ancient times. Even on the hottest days, the spring is cool enough. You can see a trout living in a calm “Plava Voda” backwater.

It should be noted, there is no airport in the city where the webcam is located, so you can get here from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Sarajevo, where Baltic Live Cam also has a live stream from.

The most interesting castles of Travnik in webcam are: Jajce Castle, Komotin Castle, Bobovac, Old town of Visoki, Bočac Fortress.

There are many city and national parks and reserves in the city and its surroundings: Kozara National Park, Biokovo Nature Reserve, Marjan Forest Park, Sutjeska National Park, Papuk Nature Reserve.

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