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Medjugorje , Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Blue cross

The Blue Cross in the online camera is located on Podbrdo Hill “Mountain of Phenomena”, “Mountain of Revelations”. It is believed that it was here on June 24, 1981 that the Mother of God first appeared in front of people.

Every day, day and night, people come here to bow to the holy place – the Blue Cross in the webcam, as well as the snow-white marble statue of the Virgin (Queen of Peace), installed on September 8, 2001.

Every Sunday at 4:00 pm, pilgrims gather at the mountain in an online camera and say the Rosary prayer (a combination of oral and mental prayer performed with the help of a rosary). On the way from the foot of the hill in the web camera to the place of the apparition, there are slabs depicting the mournful and joyful sacraments of the Rosary, the work of the famous Florentine sculptor Carmello Puzollo.

There is also a cross on the Križevac mountain next to Podbrdo in the online webcam, but this time dedicated to the 1900th anniversary of the crucifixion of Christ. Sections of the Way of the Cross lead here, sculptural images for which were made by the Italian sculptor mentioned above.


Medjugorje (the place between the mountains), where the live broadcast is conducted from, located at the foot of two mountains – Križevac and Podbrdo in the online camera, is a small settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the borders with Croatia.

In the early 80s, the town in the live camera became the site of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and over several decades turned into one of the most famous and visited holy places in the world.

In April 1991, the Church officially recognized Medjugorje in an online camera as a place of prayer and gave permission for private visits to the shrine in a live broadcast.

Since April 25, 1981, more than 20 million pilgrims have visited the Blue Cross webcam. The presence of the Mother of God is fully felt here. Many unbelievers who once visited the sacred cross change their minds about this place. At the foot of the hill with the statue of the Virgin and the Blue Cross, amazing cases of complete healing from incurable diseases often occurred.

The messages of the Mother of God in the online camera, which she shares only with selected eyewitnesses, have been translated into many languages ​​of the world and scattered around the globe. These messages contain calls full of boundless love, sympathy and support to pray for the world, to do merciful deeds, every day in all your affairs to humbly and joyfully follow Christ. At the holy hill in the online broadcast, the words “peace” and “love” are most often heard – the most important condition for salvation, a sign of the Kingdom of God. Only peace and love on earth is God’s will for the entire population of our planet. It is prayer, fasting, reading of the Holy Scriptures, Holy Communion and confession – the five main types of “weapons” with which you can fight the enemy in the world, assisting in this the Mother of God Herself.

Medjugorje, where the live broadcast comes from, is rightly called the place where Heaven allows you to touch yourself. The Mother of God herself in one of the appearances called everyone to prayer in Medjugorje in order to be rewarded with the mercy that She wants to give to every person.

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