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Sanya , China
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In this live broadcast, you can see the resort town of Sanya – the main tourist center of Hainan Island.

The central part of the resort in the online cameraSanya City is replete with expensive shops, fashionable boutiques, restaurants, markets and cafes. On both sides of it, in large bays, there are the resort areas of Sanya: Dadonghai, Yalongwan and Sanyawan.

The longest of them – Sanyawan, is attractive for budget hotels, restaurants with affordable prices, inexpensive bars and cafes.

Dadonghai is popular for outdoor enthusiasts. On its territory there are a large number of diving centers and water equipment rental points, many bars, nightclubs, discos and catering establishments.

The Yalongwan resort area is the most burned-out part of Sanya, shown in the web camera. It is rich in luxury hotels, private apartments, villas and luxury boutiques.

The beaches in Sanya, where the online broadcast comes from, occupy a multi-kilometer coastal zone, all of them are sandy and free. The entrance to the sea is shallow, and the beach itself is separated from the road by palm tree plantations.

In the coastal waters of Sanya, where the online camera is located, there are reef sharks, underwater caves, plenty of tropical fish swim among colorful corals, sunken ships and planes lie on the bottom.

Of course, diving is thriving here, with the most popular diving sites around Western Island, Pirate Island and Island of Legends. Many diving centers are located in Dadonghai and Yalongwan Bays, Xidao Island and Pirate Island.

The main attractions of Sanya, which you see on the live broadcast, are its parks and museums.

For example, the Landscape Park “Edge of the World”, located to the west of the center of Sanya in this live camera, represents giant boulders of amazing shapes scattered along the coast and the sea. Each of them has a name: “Bachelor’s Refuge”, “Broken Heart”, “Labyrinth for Lovers”, “Edge of the World”.

Another park “The deer turned its head” is located on the top of the mountain. This is a 12-meter high stone statue depicting a girl with a deer.

Of the museums in the Sanya resort, which you see in the online camera, the “Pearl Museum” is of great interest. In addition to acquaintance with the world’s best pearls, you can visit a real pearl plantation.

Kids will love the Butterfly Park and the impromptu zoology lesson in a real monkey kingdom on Monkey Island.



The climate in Sanya, where this online stream is conducted from, has its own characteristics. The hottest and wettest months await tourists in summer. During this period, at the resort in the webcam is very humid. The most favorable time to relax on the beach is from March to May and throughout November. Typhoons are likely to occur in the autumn season. The winter in Sanya, shown online, is dry and sunny. Spring brings warm and sunny weather. But there is a lot of rainfall in May. Weather forecast in Sanya for 7 days is available on our website online.

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