Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai , China
stream provided by RTSP
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TV Tower Oriental Pearl

The webcam on the TV Tower “Pearl of the East” demonstrates the symbol of modern Shanghai, one of its unique attractions. The tower broadcasted live was built in 1994.  Today it is the tallest in Asia and the third tallest on the planet after towers in Toronto and Moscow. The height of the “Eastern Pearl” in the online camera is 468 meters.

The Shanghai TV Tower, shown in the web camera, in addition to performing its direct functions of broadcasting TV programs, also has restaurants (including a rotating one), tea and souvenir shops. It houses the Shanghai History Museum.

The Pearl of the East TV Tower has excellent viewing platforms with stunning views of Shanghai in this live webcam.

As can be clearly seen in the online broadcast, the appearance of the tower is a base on which spheres of different diameters are strung.

With the onset of darkness, the TV Tower in the online camera takes on an even more mysterious look: the Oriental Pearl is beautifully illuminated.


Shanghai, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is the most Europeanized city in China. There are many skyscrapers, restaurants with European cuisine, fashion boutiques and people in business suits.

Shanghai in online camera is divided into 18 districts and one county. Several parts of the city can be attributed to the conditional center: Bund, Hongqiao, Huangpu, Putuo and Yangpu.

The tourist center of the city is Pudong – a symbol of modern Shanghai, which is located on the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. It is on the territory of Pudong that the TV Tower “Pearl of the East” in a web camera is located. In addition, there is a picturesque promenade, Century Park amusement park and the largest oceanarium.

Puxi is the historical center of Shanghai. It is located on the western bank of the Huangpu. In turn, Puxi is divided into 9 districts, the most interesting of which are: LuWan French Quarter, Hongkou Tourist Center, Xuhui with Hengshan Restaurant Boulevard, Huangpu Tourist Trade Center with Nanjing Road.

The main attractions of the Nanhui area are the flower fields and the safari park. Minhang has a ski complex and a water park, and the local town of Chibao is called Chinese Venice. The Jiading area is attracted by the Formula 1 circuit and a large car market, and in the Fengxiang area there is Guhua Park with the amazing Three Women Temple.

Shanghai,  where the live broadcast is coming from, also has the English, American and French Quarters.

A favorite place for walking in the city where the webcam is located is the Bund. Opposite it is the local Manhattan – a tourist area of ​​the city of Pudong. Here is an outstanding landmark of Shanghai – the “Oriental Pearl” TV Tower in the online camera.

Nanjing Road is the main artery filled with shops. It goes to the largest square in Shanghai “Renmin” (People’s square). Nearby there are the Shanghai Grand Theatre, the main City Museum and the government building.

The brightest architectural and landscape ensemble of the city shown online is Yu Yuan “Garden of Joy” of the 16th century. Historical monuments have been preserved on its territory: the Gazebo of cheerful fishermen, the Pavilion of affectionate warmth, the Bridge of nine bends.

Of the large number of skyscrapers in Shanghai, the center of which you see in the live camera, Jin Mao stands out. It was erected in a traditional Chinese style with gothic elements.


In Shanghai, where the online camera is located, a humid subtropical climate dominates. Winter is cloudy, with an average temperature of +18 C. Summer is hot and humid, often the air temperature reaches +40 C in July and August. Weather forecast in Shanghai for 7 days is available on our website online.

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