Santa Claus Village

Lapland , Finland
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Santa Claus Village

In this interesting online camera you can get acquainted with the amazing and fabulous Santa Claus Village located in the town of Rovaniemi in icy Lapland. Exactly here, beyond the Arctic Circle, is the working residence of the main New Year’s wizard: Santa Claus. It is considered, he works here, but lives on the Korvatunturi Hill near the border with Russia.

The unique Santa Village, which this HD webcam shows well, is a real magnet that attracts both adults and children, leaving other fun: skiing, museums, zoos in the background when visiting Lapland.

As mentioned above, Santa Claus lives on Mount Korvatunturi, beyond the Arctic Circle. It is difficult to get to this hill, so smart Santa has opened several working residences where he prepares for Christmas. The live stream shows the largest office of Santa in Rovaniemi. Sometimes the magician arrives in the Murmur’s castle next to the Ranua Zoological Park, in Joulukka, and to his cottage in Kuusamo. Besides that, Santa also has European residences in Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Belarus.

In the Santa Claus Village, where the online broadcast is conducted from, exept the wizard’s office, there are a cottage hotel village, a shopping area, a post office, a husky park, a deer enclosure and snow scooter rental. The park in live footage, is dominated by a fabulous, festive and magical atmosphere with cheerful music, elegant shining garlands, and crowds of tourists from all over the world. In addition, there are always adventures, games, pleasant acquaintances, meetings, and of course, a great lunch in the restaurants of Santa Village in this online camera.

There is a free entrance inside the residence and the office of Santa Claus, whose territory is shown in this live camera.

The winter wizard Santa has different names: in Russia he is called Ded Moroz, in America – Santa Claus, in Finland – Joulupukki, in Hungary – Mikulas, in Spain – Papa Noel and so on.

Despite different names, Santa fulfills the same pleasant and kind mission – he brings Christmas presents.

Since the Santa Claus Village in this online webcam is located in Finland, it is especially popular among the locals. As mentioned before, for the Finns, the Christmas grandfather is Joulupukki. His name came from local folklore and in translation means “Christmas goat.” The mythical Joulupukki was villain and frightened children instead of bringing gifts to them. Fortunately, Santa Claus or Joulupukki is currently a kind and generous wizard.

Interestingly, Joulupukki has a wife, Muori.

Besides Santa Claus himself, part of whose residence is presented to you in this online camera, there are many assistants work here. Often they are called dwarves, but in Finland they believe that elves help the magician. Look, maybe in a live webcam you can catch an elf in a red-green suit! All assistants are energetic, hardworking and active. After all, they will have to do many good deeds.

When meeting with Santa, children often give him a letter prepared in advance, where they write about their dreams and desires. The kind wizard listens attentively to the child and reads his message, after which he takes out the best present for the little guest from the big red gift sack.