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Pori , Finland
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This beautiful panoramic webcam shows the southern bank of the Kokemäenjoki River in Pori, Finland. This area, commonly known as Eteläranta, is full of beautiful stone buildings, including the town hall and the gothic central Pori church, which are also captured by the live camera.

The large Finnish city of Pori, where the live broadcast is coming from, is one of the six medieval settlements in the country. There is a beautiful beach here, largest annual jazz festival in Europe, excellent museums, beautiful churches, and a picturesque park.

The Yyteri beach area is a wide and sandy 6 km long territory. Not far from the beach there is the island of Reposaari, connected by a highway to the mainland. There is a picturesque settlement with wooden houses, church, fishing port, hostel, camping site and harbor.

The most popular and unusual sight of Pori, which you see online, is the Juselius Mausoleum in the Käppärä cemetery. The building is made in the style of the Gothic Renaissance.

Another example of the Gothic Revival is the 1863 Pori Lutheran Cathedral, which you can see in the webcam. This is one of the largest churches in the country. The cathedral is famous for its unique bell tower made of cast iron. Another pride of the church is the 2007 organ.

Of the historical sights of the city in live broadcast, the City Hall, which was completed in 1841, is notable. Currently, it houses a tourist office.

Opposite the Town Hall there is a bronze sculpture of a bear, and the Latin inscription Curia Arctopolis“Court of Arctopolis” is attached to the facade. Arctopolis means the same thing as Björn borg – Bear City.

Of the Pori museums, a special place is occupied by the 1888 Satakunta Museum. This is one of the oldest historical museums in the country in the live footage. The collection contains more than 80 thousand artifacts and other objects, and the archives have more than 300 thousand photographs, maps, architectural drawings.

Another museum, the Pori Art Museum, will tell you about modernity and contemporary art.

Other museums of the city, a panoramic view of which opens in this online camera are: Rosenlew and the Museum of Natural History.

Pori National Urban Park includes the Kiryurinluoto Island. In 1897, an English landscaped garden appeared in the park, and in 1910 – a building for an Art Nouveau restaurant. The first music stage opened in the park in 1921. Since then, Kiryurinluoto has hosted various seasonal events including the famous jazz fest.

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