Kylmäpihlaja island lighthouse

Rauma , Finland

Kylmäpihlaja island lighthouse

In our live broadcast you can see part of the beautiful miniature Kylmäpihlaja island lighthouse. Earlier this place was a ship-lighthouse, but in the middle of the 20th century a new building was erected here. Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse is located 45 minutes from the mainland by sea.

Live webcam is located on a giant tower of the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is inhabited: there are living rooms inside, as well as other premises. The solid square lighthouse tower has a height of 31 m above the ground and 36 m above sea level. There are 12 floors and 104 steps. Light from the lighthouse extends to a distance of 27 km.

Modern Kylmäpihlaja is mainly a tourist destination. The guests especially appreciate the local restaurant - a real paradise for gourmets. In addition, a huge number of the rarest birds live on the Kylmäpihlaja island, as also island belongs to Gulf of Bothnia national reserve.

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Interestingly, besides the inhabited lighthouse of the Kylmäpihlaja island, where the online camera is located, there are still many not abandoned by people lighthouses in Finland. Most of these lighthouses are excellent tourist attractions.

The Kylmäpihlaja island with our live broadcast is the largest island of the city of Rauma.


The city of Rauma, which owns the Kylmäpihlaja island lighthouse, perfectly exhibited in our online webcam, is a small settlement located in the Satakunta region, Western Finland. Rauma is the third of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1442.

The city of Rauma is famous for its ancient tradition of lace making. All buildings in the city are miniature one-story wooden buildings.

In the city of Rauma there is an old part, carefully protected by UNESCO World Heritage, as the largest “wooden city” in Northern Europe. So, on the area of 28 hectares, there are 600 buildings, where about 600 citizens still live.

The old town of Rauma is extraordinarily beautiful: here are paved streets, colorful wooden houses with beautifully painted gates, allowing you to return to the past centuries atmosphere.


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