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Porvoo , Finland
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In this webcam, you can get to know the city of Porvoo, where Helsinki residents who decide to move to the village but want to maintain the city life benefits are resettled.

As you can clearly see online, the webcam is directed to the bus station filled with regular buses. The area shown in live broadcast is often also used as a place for stalls, turning into a small market.

The charming Porvoo, where this online camera is located, is the second oldest Finnish city after Turku. This semi-rural village is dominated by a calm, measured and very warm atmosphere. There are many art galleries, upscale shops, and excellent restaurants.

In the center of Porvoo, where the live stream is being conducted from, there are many old buildings, which better to see during a leisurely walk.
Pleasant impression of the city in this webcam is created by ancient barns on the river, which were used as trading warehouses in the Middle Ages. It is worth paying attention to the Old Bridge, used for the Royal Route move from Turku to Vyborg in ancient times. Today, an amazing museum train passes over this bridge. Not far from it there is an old railway station with artisan shops.

Of the religious attractions of Porvoo, whose bus station is shown online, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, built at the end of the 15th century, is worth a look. In 2006, the church was damaged by fire and was restored.

In Porvoo, where the live webcam is located, there is the Old Town Hall of 1764, which interior is covered with beautiful paintings from the period of the first Finnish Sejm.

Currently, the City Museum is opened in the town hall with a collection of paintings made by famous Finnish artists: A. Edelfelt and V. Wallgren. The Holm House, built in 1763, also belongs to the City Museum. The ground floor of this building is dedicated to contemporary exhibitions.

Cultural fans will appreciate the Vanha Kappalaisentalo Gallery (the “former chaplain’s house”), which is housed in an 18th-century building. Walter Runeberg’s Sculpture Collection, located in the gallery, has more than 100 author works.

Other interesting art venues in the city: Taidehalli exhibition hall, Sofia gallery, art boutique, Colmio Slow House design studio, Haikon Kartano art gallery, Art Marina painting gallery, Taidetehdas art factory.

From museums in Porvoo, part of which this online camera demonstrates well, it is worth highlighting the national poet J. Runeberg museum opened in his house.

Children will especially enjoy visiting the Porvoo Toy Museum. One of the best toys collections are exhibited here, with more than 1000 exhibits – dolls, cars and teddy bears. The oldest toys in the museum are over 150 years old.

The open-air ethnographic museum of Postimäki will introduce you to the old mode of life in Finland. The log hut is perfectly preserved on the territory of the museum.

You can visit the Horbergsgarten island museum with renewed manors, a barn, a stable, a shepherd, a hayloft and a forge.

A traditional souvenir from the city of Porvoo, the center of which you can see in the live webcam, is a double-bottom jar.

Traveling along Porvoo, which is well shown in a live stream camera, it is better not to stay in the city only, but to catch a ferry and go to the Pellinki archipelago. This peninsula houses an art gallery, a leisure center and a traditional grocery store. From here you can continue your journey to the miniature island of Kluvharun or visit the island of Södescher with a tour and admire the 150-year-old lighthouse with an paintings exhibition and flocks of seabirds.


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