Helsinki – View from Klaus K Hotel

Helsinki , Finland

Webcam Helsinki – view from Klaus K Hotel

Helsinki was founded in 1550 and is by no means the oldest city in the Baltic region. Yet, its historical and cultural legacy is as prominent as the other capitals. However, in terms of life standard and economic development, Helsinki, the capital of Finland is one of the undisputed leaders of the modern world. You can take a live view of this mysterious and old world online through the lens of our webcam, located in the most colorful place in Helsinki.

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Helsinki history

Throughout its history that has started during the Swedish rule, the city has survived a handful of notable events. Just like the many cities of the modern Baltic countries, Helsinki has been constantly passed around between Sweden and Russia. Due to the geographical and strategically significant location, its real prime arrived in the beginning of the 19th century with the Russian emperor Alexander I, who had conquered Finland and turned Helsinki into its capital. It was also the time when the majority of the city was built. Upon becoming the independent Finland’s capital in 1917, Helsinki not only survived the whole World War II but also became one of the key capitals in the region, having held the summer Olympic Games in 1952.

Modern-day Helsinki

Today, Helsinki can be truly considered to be one of the largest centers of Europe. It is a very attractive destination to call home with outstanding quality of life, security and friendly business environment ratings. Helsinki is one of the design capitals of the world and the combination of city and nature clearly provides a creative outlet to its citizens. Helsinki is also a foodie paradise with a slew of microbreweries, coffee roasters and other hip places for refreshment. It stands out with its Art Nouveau buildings and turn-of-the-century cafes. Helsinki clearly has a remarkable place in and impact on the whole region. No wonder we wanted to capture its spirit on the Helsinki web camera online.

Webcam Helsinki live cam

One of the most beautiful buildings in Helsinki is the Cathedral that can be seen from HD webcam Helsinki above. One of the most notable sites built in that period is the Swedish theater that is situated right next to the Klaus K hotel. It is also captured in this scenic live web camera footage of Finland’s finest. This theater, where plays are still performed in the Swedish language, became the first National Stage of Finland. Almost appended to the theater, as can be seen on the cam online, is the Esplanadi – a popular park among the Helsinki citizens and its guests.

Top attractions in Helsinki

  • The Suomenlinna fortress is a UNESCO world heritage site and very significant monument in Helsinki. Tourists can have a picnic on the site or explore its historical bunkers and museums.
  • The Ateneum Gallery is one of the best art galleries in Helsinki and embodies the artistic spirit of the city
  • Tuomiokirkko is a white neoclassical Lutheran church which staircase has become a common meeting place.
  • The Temppeliaukion Kirkko is a modern church built into solid stone in the 1960’s. It has a magnificent copper dome and the juxtaposition of stone and copper makes it a marvel to look upon. It has brilliant acoustics and is now a common venue for events.

Helsinki has quickly made itself know as one of the top modern cities in the world with a bright future that keep bringing attention to Finland as a country of cultural significance.

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