Kanoni in Kerkyra city

Corfu , Greece


Our live webcam perfectly demonstrates the most famous landmark of the city of Kerkyra (Corfu) - Kanoni peninsula on the island of Corfu. A live broadcast is provided from La Veranda di Corfu restaurant.

The most beautiful place in Kanoni is a small island with the Panagia Vlacherna 17th century church. The monastery is perfectly visible in our web camera. The islet connects with the shore with a long and narrow pier.

A bit further, as can be seen in our online broadcast, there is the miniature green Pontikonisi island. There is only one building here - the 11th- 12th centuries Byzantine church, which is clearly visible in the web camera.
Besides the Vlacherna monastery and Pontikonisi island, there is the beautiful resort of Perama, that you can in our web camera from the Kanoni coast. The resort is connected with Canoni by a bridge, forming the Halkiopoulos Lagoon.

The Kanoni peninsula is located on the territory of the ancient city of Kerkyra (Corfu), founded in the 8th century BC.



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The city of Kerkyra or Corfu is the capital of Corfu island. Its historical center with the labyrinth of narrow streets is particularly interesting. There are two famous fortresses here: Neo Frurio (New Fortress) and Paleo Frurio (Old Fortress), serving as a stage for various concerts and events.

Other attractions of the city of Corfu are Maitland Rotunda and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. In the southern part of the city of Kerkyra there are ancient city of Paleopolis ruins.

In Kerkyra there are ancient Orthodox churches and cathedrals: Agios Spyridon and Metropolis. But the most ancient religious building is the pagan of the temple of Kardaki more than 2500 years old!

Kerkyra is proud of its well-equipped beaches with clean sea and a gentle beach.


Corfu Island with our live webcam, is the one of the most beautiful and frequently visited islands in Greece. Particular attention was paid to the beaches of the island of Corfu, most of them are the Blue Flag holders.
In the east, there are mostly pebble beaches. In the north, there are sandy beaches. The most beautiful part of Corfu is considered to be the Paleokastritsa resort village.

In addition to the magnificent beaches, Corfu is also famous with diving. Throughout the northern part of the island there are many dive centers and schools. Especially fascinating is the Kolovri island and its underwater world with grottoes and caves.

There are also historical sights on Corfu. For example, the capital of the island, the magnificent city of Kerkyra with our online webcam is a real gem of the Corfu island.

Fans of cultural recreation will appreciate the Museum of Asian Art, the Byzantine Museum, the Corfu Gallery and the Banknote Museum.

There are several historical monuments of Corfu: the Church of St. George, the Angelokastro castle, the Achillion palace.

In the north of Corfu there is the famous Love Channel - unusually beautiful tunnel with an arch. In the south of Corfu there are boundless olive fields and thick citrus groves.


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The climate in the city of Kerkyra is Mediterranean. Winter is mild and rainy, summer is warm and dry. Thanks to the sea breeze, it is not hot in summer at all. In May you can swim - the sea warms up well. The most popular tourist time is from August to September.

Weather forecast in Kerkyra for 7 days is available on our website online.