The city of Hydra

Hydra (Ydra, Idra) , Greece
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Hydra (Ydra, Idra)

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In front of you in the webcam is Hydra (Idra, Ydra), an amazing picturesque town on the Greek island of the same name.

Hydra, where the live stream comes from, has always been considered a vacation spot for the rich and famous. Despite this, the prices here are quite reasonable, so the city is open to everyone.

There are no bright memorable and significant places in Ydra, the whole city is one big attraction. The lack of ancient historical temples and beaches is no reason to deny yourself a visit to Idra on this live broadcast.

Perhaps the symbol of the city in the webcam is the building near the harbor – “archondika”. There are beautiful mansions built several centuries ago according to the designs of Genoese and Venetian architects for the wealthy islanders-ship owners. Most of them still adorn the entrance with signs: “Ikiya …” (that is, “Dwelling …”) – and the names of the owners. On the embankment there is a monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin with the Hydra Cathedral and a clock tower. Generally, there are a large number of small churches in Ydra in web camera. Next comes the typically Greek island development with old streets, narrow alleys, paved paths that lead to dead ends, and a huge number of steps.

On the eastern embankment of Idra in this live footage, there is a Historical and Archival Museum with archaeological finds, fine art of different eras, clothes that adorned the bow of the ship with latrine figures, cold weapons and firearms from the times of the Greek War of Independence.

In the west of the town, in this online live camera, over a restored water mill, there is a luxurious mansion. This is another museum – the Ho Lazaros Kountouriotis Mansion with coffered ceilings and the richest collection of Greek paintings.

The Kountouriotis family gained great fame in Greece due to the wealthy ship owner Georgios which took part in the War of Independence. His great-grandson Pavlos led the Greek fleet in victorious naval battles at Elli and Lemnos, and was elected president of the country in the 1920s. Here, in front of the mansion, near a steep cliff among the pine trees, is his burial place.

Hydra Island

Hydra online, is the island of Greek sea glory. It is located in the Saronic Gulf off the eastern coast of the Peloponnese and is separated from it by the Strait Hydra.


From spring to mid-autumn, it is sunny and hot in Hydra, where the webcam is located. A strong wind blows in winter. Weather forecast in Hydra for 7 days is available on our website online.

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