Karditsa , Greece
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Karditsa in the webcam is located in the very center of mainland Greece, on the southwestern outskirts of the Thessalian plain.

The name of the city in the online camera comes from the Greek. (“walnut” or “walnut tree” in the local Thessalian dialect) or from “heart”, which corresponds to where Karditsa is located – in the heart of Greece.

Population and tourism

In the village shown in the live broadcast, mainly ethnic Greeks – Karaguns (Greek) live

Mythology and history

In the distant past, the Karaguns inhabiting the region in the online live broadcast were the descendants of the Dorian tribes who came to this territory about 3 thousand years ago. In the era of the Byzantine Empire, trade was actively developing in the place of the future Karditsa, where the web camera is located. The city itself in the online camera was founded only in the era of occupation by the Turks. On March 12, 1943, Karditsa became the first European city liberated from the German-Italian invaders in a live broadcast. Here, in December 1948, one of the bloodiest battles of the Greek Civil War took place.

Traditions and customs

In the city where the online broadcast is conducted from, ancient traditions are still strong. Thus, the traditional rites associated with the main occupation of the townspeople – agriculture, rooted in the prehistoric era, are still present in the modern world. Today, Easter and Christmas are especially brightly celebrated with large-scale folk festivals, a plentiful feast, folk music, songs and dances.


Karditsa, where the live broadcast is coming from, is one of the greenest cities in Greece. An interesting fact: due to its flat landscape, Karditsa was one of the first in the country to acquire bike paths in the online live camera. At a distance of 35 km from the city, at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, there are healing thermal springs Smokovo.


Karditsa in the webcam is located in the center of Greece, so the nearest beach of the Aegean Sea is available near the town of Volos, 90 km from Karditsa.


Of the entertainment in the city shown online, cycling is very popular. Well-developed cycling infrastructure gave Karditsa a second name – “Greek Beijing”. On the shores of Lake Nikolaos Plastiras, tourists and locals love not only to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air, but also to treat themselves to fresh lake fish in numerous taverns nearby.


The most popular place for shopping is Karditsa Municipal Market, a European architectural heritage site and a culinary paradise for lovers of organic products.



The climate in Karditsa, where this webcam is located, is typical for the central part of mainland Greece: rather high temperatures in summer and cold, often snowy winters. Despite this, moderate humidity softens both the summer heat and the winter cold.

Weather forecast in Karditsa for 7 days is available on our website online.

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